10 Fun Things to Do While Taking a Break in the Garage

Working at the garage can sometimes be tiring or even boring, especially after fixing something in your car or on any broken appliance in your home. However, there are several activities that you can do while in the garage to truly enjoy your break or alleviate your stress after a hard day’s work. From building models kits to playing online poker, here are ten fun things that you can do while taking a break in the garage.

Build a Model Kit

Building a model kit is easy since you have all the tools that you need to construct a model inside the garage. The usual tools needed to build a model kit are nipper cutters or small wire cutters to cut the pieces of the kit out of the frame, a pair of tweezers to handle smaller parts, and an X-ACTO knife to cut excess sprues on the parts. There are several model kits that are made of wood, but the most common material used nowadays is plastic.

Play Video Games

Although buying a video game console is not cheap, playing games on those is certainly one of the most rewarding activities that we can do while on a break. You may set up a monitor or TV inside your garage to play games on the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft Xbox One, or you may get portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch so that you can enjoy playing video games wherever you are in the garage. However, video games can often be time-consuming, so make sure that you set the alarm or timer on your phone in order for you to get back to work on time.  You can also check out great options like หวยออนไลน์ and more.

Have Fun Playing Cards

Playing cards is probably one of the simplest and cheapest ways for you to enjoy your break, as it only requires a deck of cards. While many people would say that card-playing are better with two to four players, there are a few card games that are still enjoyable even if you are playing solo. These fun card games include Solitaire, Devil’s Grip, and Pyramid.

Watch Movies or TV Shows Online

If you are already subscribed to Netflix, then you already have a great app that you can open on your smartphone during breaks. Netflix offers more than a hundred different movies and TV shows for you to watch at home, and some of them are even exclusive to the app, so you won’t see them anywhere but on the app. Of course, if you are not yet done with the work at the garage, it is best that you watch just one or two episodes of a TV series or only one movie and avoid binge-watching to stop Netflix from consuming too much of your time.

vintage car parked inside the garage

Listen to Music or Play an Instrument

You are most likely already listening to music while working in the garage, but if you know how to play the guitar, the bass guitar, the piano, or any other musical instrument, then you can play along with your favorite songs after you’re done with your work. Not only does it feel relaxing and fun to play a musical instrument, but it would also help you develop motor skills in playing music or handling garage tools. To make it more exciting to listen and play music, you can set up large speakers and amplifiers in your garage and transform it into a mini band studio, but just be sure to equip your garage with noise-reducing wall materials so that you won’t disturb your neighbors or your loved ones at home.

Read Books

Reading a book is a less taxing activity for your bones and muscles that needs a break after hours of being used for fixing or repairing things. For reading, you will only need your eyes to see the words and your mind to decipher and imagine the scenarios being depicted in the book. You can combine reading books with listening to music for a genuinely relaxing experience during breaks. The most fun book genres to read are sci-fi and fantasy, but you can also read non-fiction books for you to know more about real-life moments and events.

Visit an Online Casino

You would think that one has to go to a casino to play exciting games and earn money, but with the help of technology, that is not the case anymore. In just the small space of your garage and the screen of your laptop, you can easily go to the Intertops Casino Classic website and play games immediately, as long as you are a member, and you have downloaded their special software. There are dozens of various games to choose from on the Intertops website, such as Progressive Blackjack, Baccarat, American Roulette, and the All-American Video Poker. If you are good at these games, then you can earn plenty of money while just taking a break in your garage.

Solve Puzzles

Another activity that can stimulate your brain besides reading books and playing instruments is solving puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube and Rush Hour. If you don’t have the physical puzzles or toy puzzles, then you may opt to download puzzle games on your smartphone or tablet, and some of the fun games that you can get on the Apple Store or Google Play are Tetris, Candy Crush Saga, 2048, and Unblock Me.

tools usually found in the garageInvite a Family Member or Loved One

If you need someone to talk to and tell him or her about your stress and problems working on something in the garage, then you may want to invite a family member or loved one, but make sure that the garage is clean and doesn’t have any hazardous material lying around on the floor and on the worktable. You can talk to them and see if they can offer help at work, or you can just play board games, card games, or video games with them to enjoy the break.

Take a Nap

Although it doesn’t look fun, your body will surely be happy and appreciate you taking a nap after a tiring session in the garage. A regular nap typically takes 90 minutes, and this is enough time for your body to recover from fatigue properly. If you are relatively new to proper naps, then you may want to set the alarm on your smartphone for you to wake up at the right time. It is also recommended that you have a good resting place in the garage, as placing your arms and your head on the table while sitting may not be a good resting position. If there is sufficient space in your garage, you can set up a hammock on the free space and it will act as a makeshift bed for napping, or you can get a comfortable rocking chair that has cushion for better body support.

These are just 10 of the best and most rewarding activities that you can do in the garage while on a break. Having fun in the middle of garage work is not wrong, and it is vital for you and your body to rest and take a break every once in a while to prevent suffering from extreme exhaustion and fatigue.