4 Benefits of Installing Nerf Bars to Your Truck

Trucks are great vehicles. They can be a lot of fun while also having the practicality of a cab. Many people like to outfit them for some off-road adventures. Getting your truck fitted with the right accessories can make owning one even better. For example, fitted seat covers can make your cab more comfortable and cleaner.

Nerf bars are an accessory or factory-installed option. They run along the side of your vehicle. They are tube-shaped with flat steps next to each door. These are some of the benefits of adding nerf bars to your truck.

1. Provide an Easy Step Into Your Truck

Climbing into a truck can require a big step, especially if you have a lift kit installed. The primary function of nerf bars is to make it easier to climb into the truck. They add steps to each of the doors.

This is especially valuable for shorter people. However, even if you have long legs, a nerf bar can prevent you from needing to make an awkward or uncomfortable step up.

2. Protect Against Scraping Your Truck

Another key benefit of nerf bars is that they protect your vehicle from hazards. They jut slightly out from the side of the vehicle and hang slightly below it. Therefore, they will help to prevent brush, branches and rocks from scratching the side of your truck. They also prevent you from scraping the undercarriage if you go over a large bump.

This is very valuable if you are off-roading with the truck. For models like the Toyota Tacoma, enthusiasts often consider integrating Toyota Tacoma rock sliders as an additional protective measure, designed meticulously to shield the sides and underbody of the vehicle from jagged rocks and tough terrains, further ensuring your truck is armored against potential off-road perils. Even the best off-road vehicles sometimes find themselves in tight passages or taking aggressive approaches or departures. Having nerf bars can give you a little extra confidence that your adventures on the trail will not damage your vehicle.

3. Protect Against Debris

In a similar vein, they can help to protect agist debris from the road or trail. Your tires can kick up rocks, dirt and other debris and grime from the road. While mud flaps are the best way to protect your truck, nerf bars can offer some protection also. They are more or less in line with the tires and the side of the vehicle. So, if anything pops up from your tires, it is more likely to impact the nerf bar than your paint job.

Again, this is usually best for off-roading. However, it can be helpful even on paved roads

4. Add Awesome Off-Road Aesthetics

Finally, it is hard to deny the cool aesthetic of nerf bars. If you want to make a tough-looking, off-road truck build, these are a must-have from a style perspective. Plus, they are as functional as they are cool looking. So, no one on the trail is going to tease you for having a purely aesthetic upgrade.

Get Your Nerf Bars Today

Get some nerf bars for your truck today. These accessories can help you get the truck driving experience you are looking for. Some other items such as all weather mats and a trail jack can also help you make your truck ready for the toughest challenges you can throw at it.