5 Fantastic Tools Powered by Air Compressors

Although using compressed air to power tools is nothing new, it has taken quite a while for the technology to reach domestic markets. The incredible versatility of air compressed tools was often reserved for people in the trades or working at an industrial level.

Today, thanks to several technological leaps and bounds, there are many incredible air compressors and compatible tools for sale to the general public. The power of compressed air has become more accessible than ever, particularly for individuals looking to get involved with some home improvement. We are going to look at five fantastic tools powered by air compressors.

Portable air compressor

Okay, so it isn’t quite a tool but the portability of many modern air compressors are the innovation that is responsible for the public’s wider access to compressed air tools. There are many different types of air compressor for sale, with the two most popular being pancake style and enclosed style compressors.

The real beauty of portable air compressors is their ease of use. You generally don’t need to deal with oil and there is little maintenance required. The motors installed in these small compressors can run most air tools with no hassle at all, which makes them a perfect addition to any toolbox.

Pneumatic riveters and staplers

Bringing air compression into the realm of riveters, staplers and nailers has proved to be nothing short of exceptional. When compared to their manual alternatives, pneumatic riveters and nailers take so much effort out of the task at hand.

Featuring a magazine that holds nails, rivets or other projectiles, compressed air ensures that every nail is driven straight through the material. You can even get into tough wood that would be impossible to deal with if you had a manual tool.

Paint sprayers

If you have ever had to hand paint a fence or a car, then you will know it is laborious work. Paint sprayers use compressed air to apply a smooth, even finish without you having to break a sweat.

Reciprocating saws

Although not as powerful as their full-sized, electric counterparts, air compressed reciprocating saws offer an important advantage – size. These saws can be designed to be smaller, which allows for work to be performed in narrow and cramped areas where a standard reciprocating saw could not reach.

Socket and impact wrenches

Overtightened nuts and bolts are an absolute nightmare if you deal with them regularly. Traditional methods of removal are often labour intensive and oftentimes futile, but air compressed socket wrenches and impact wrenches have shown to be a huge helping hand.

Impact wrenches can get to work dislodging overtightened bolts with next to no effort, while socket wrenches can handle stripped or damaged threads on bolts and nuts with no issue.