5 Simple Tree Care and Maintenance tips to keep your trees healthy

Do you agree that trees enhance a property with beauty, tranquility, and shade? It is worth mentioning that trees reduce air pollution and form a delicate part of our surrounding environment. No doubt, some trees hold a special place in our hearts if we love to take care of them.

Do not get surprised that there are trees that are alive today and were planted more than 500 years ago. It is all about the care and landscape that the trees receive. Don’t you agree that tree health is critical as healthy trees promote our well-being too?

Like children, trees perform the best when smiles, love, and patience are mixed with appropriate physical and practical care.  It is about effective planting practice and lifetime care. You can approach JC Tree Services to get accurate advice on various details of tree care and maintenance.  Let us now have a look at 5 simple tree care and maintenance tips.

1. Plant the right tree

It is one of the initial steps to get years of enjoyment from the trees. Merely planting trees at any place is not enough. It would help if you chose the right place for the right tree. Plant a tree that is suitable according to your area and spot that has enough space and sunlight. Choose a species that is suitable to your climate and soil, light, and space conditions. Ensure that the area where you are digging the tree does not have underground utility and power lines nearby. And yes! Do not make the mistake of planting the tree too deep inside.

2. Proper watering

Do not take care of trees with wrong information that watering is the most straightforward part. No, it is not! Young trees require regular watering but mature trees also need it. Mature trees need more water in the drought. Remember, the first two seasons of a tree are the most critical. In case the weather is too dry, then you can use five watering cans a week. It will ensure that water reaches down to the depth of the roots. And yes! Allow the soil to dry partially before watering the tree again. Do not make the mistake of relying on lawn sprinklers to water the plant. They rarely wet deep enough roots and result in shallow rooted trees. Your soil type will also affect the water is held.

3. Planting trees

The work of protecting trees begins once you have carefully planted your tree. There is a need to protect the tree from lawn equipment like lawn trimmers and mowers. These damage layers of the trunk and interfere with water take-up. It helps the pests and disease to access the tree. You also need to protect trees from chemical damage like herbicides and pesticides that can burn the growing tissue. Protect the tree from wind damage as a strong wind can bend or kill young trees. You can use protectors and boards as a physical protection barrier. Carefully apply the chemicals only in the required areas and use tree stakes and ties to protect from the wind.

4.  Mulching trees

A mulch of a leaf part, old wood chip, and bark helps maintain your tree. Mulch will ensure the protection of the tree from over-watering and fertilizing. You can use biodegradable munch to suppress weeds which will compete for nutrients and water in the soil. It also retains moisture by slowing down the water evaporation. Mulching provides the best results and has an added benefit when applied from late spring to autumn.  It reduces the maintenance time of the tree. You can add 2-3 inches of organic mulch like compost or pine straw under the tree’s canopy. It will cool the soil, conserve moisture and reduce weeds. However, be careful not to cover the trunk’s base.

5. Pruning trees

Tree pruning is removing dead branches from the tree. It improves the quality of the flowers, fruits, and overall health of the wood. Careful pruning helps to regulate the tree’s size based on the space available in your garden and reduces the chance of disease. You can do pruning by thinning smaller branches that are outside. It will allow light to enter the tree and reduces the weight of the tree.  Pruning can also be done by lowering the top part of the tree’s spread and height and removing some lower branches. It reduces the stress put on the tree because of the weight.

Final words

You can beautify your landscape and experience joy with a mix of DIY and professional help. All you need to do is timely care and maintenance of the tree. It will ensure the continuous growth and health of your tree. With this, you can boost the health of your tree and witness the serene environment around you.