6 Reasons to Invest in Tree Cutting Service in New Orleans

There are many benefits to growing trees on your property. Trees provide shades, help to reduce noise from the surrounding, provide your home with fresh air, and even boost your property value. Also, trees help to regulate the quality of the atmosphere, modify water, and inhibit the deterioration of soil. Click here to visit our tree service website.

Regardless of what purpose a tree is serving in your property, however, there may come a time when investing in tree cutting service will become necessary, either for the preservation of the tree itself, or to protect yourself and your property from safety problems.

In this article, we discuss six reasons you should invest in a tree cutting service in your New Orleans property.

1. Health

To prevent your tree from being harmed by insects and decay, it is important that diseased, damaged, or dead branches are cut.

When the dense canopy on a tree is cut, the plants underneath the tree have more access to air and sunlight. An increase of airflow through your tree helps to reduce the trapped moisture in the branches, thereby reducing the risk of infection or disease to the tree.

Also, when the sucker growth is removed and water sprouts, the upward growth of the tree is stimulated and the health is maintained. This is because the tree is able to make use of all its nutrients and water.

2. Safety

When a tree is properly trimmed, a strong tree structure is created and maintained. One of the goals of a tree cutting service is to ensure that dying or dead branches are removed from the tree. This is important because when storms and strong winds come, dying or dead branches are likely to fall, thereby posing the risk of injury to your property and anyone around.

With your tree’s canopy trimmed, an unobstructed flow of air is allowed through the tree, and the pressure on the branches is reduced, thereby reducing the risk of branch or tree failure. For example, the weight of foliage and wood is increased by about four when wet. When you invest in a tree cutting service, your tree will be cut in such a way that safety risks are reduced during storms.

3. Maintenance of the tree’s natural form

Trees in the forest have to grow upwards for them to reach sunlight because they are crowded near each other. Of course, the natural form of a tree is for it to grow taller more than it gets wider. However, when in an urban environment, a tree doesn’t have to compete with other trees for sunlight, and so it grows wider rather than taller.

Tree cutting encourages your tree to grow in its natural form. Certified tree care services have the expertise and experience to ensure that your tree is cut in such a way that it grows in the right direction.

4. Growth stimulation and restriction

Trees sometimes grow in irregular forms, thereby growing very large in one part and lesser in another part. When pruned, growth can be stimulated in sparse parts of the tree, and growth can even be restricted where excess growth is undesired. When done correctly, tree cutting services help to redirect tree growth away from unwanted locations.

5. Curb appeal

One of the purposes of trees on a property is aesthetics. They not only provide a beautiful view, but they can also boost the property value, especially when well-maintained. Trees often serve architectural and aesthetic purposes. They can be used to enhance privacy, obstruct unwanted views, emphasize views, and redirect pedestrian traffic. These purposes can be easily achieved with the help of tree cutting services.

6. Homeowners liability is reduced

When trees are overgrown, they become dangerous. While you don’t expect the occurrence of an accident on your property, ignoring your overgrown tree is risky. If heavy and overgrown limbs break and fall, and no one gets hurt, then you’re lucky. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on luck for such a thing as things can be much worse.

Know that it is much cheaper to invest in a tree cutting service than repairing damage to your home done by a tree. Considering this, it is only reasonable for you to invest in a tree cutting service.

Pros and Cons of DIY

As a homeowner, you may have considered DIY for your tree cutting, especially if you don’t have money to spend. You may even have considered hiring someone that has a little experience with chainsaws to get the job done for you. However, the risk of going down this route is that you will be risking getting injured or causing damage to your property. Failing to take proper safety measures such as eye and ear protection, and heavy clothing to protect against scratches will further increase the risk. To prevent any hazard, it is best to let professionals handle your tree cutting.

Most professional tree care services have years of experience and skill to handle everything related to trees, from cutting small trees to felling large ones. Professional tree cutting services have the necessary tools, equipment, and safety gear to handle the risk tasks of tree cutting.

There is always the concern of damage to a property when a large tree is being cut because there’s a risk of the tree landing on your house. Also, diseased or very old trees can cause damage to the home’s foundation, and in some cases, the building. In such cases, it is wise to get a professional tree cutting service to do the job as they have the knowledge of how to handle such trees without causing any damage.

The cost of tree cutting service

The cost of hiring a professional tree care service may not be as expensive as you think. According to the Home Advisor, you can expect to pay an average of $400 to $1,200 for tree removal. Note that is just a rough estimate as there are many determinants of how much you’ll end up spending on tree cutting service in New Orleans.


Investing in tree cutting service in New Orleans comes with many benefits, the safety of you, your household, and your property being the most important ones. You want to ensure that you get a certified professional on your tree cutting job to get the best out of the tree service.