6 Useful Tools You Should Own for DIY House Projects

Are you looking to get your hands on essential items for your toolbox that can be resourceful for do it yourself (DIY) projects? Then, you must visit The People’s Tool Company for a great collection of items at affordable rates.

Here I’m going to list down a few useful tools that you shall get if you’re a beginner:


The No.1 on my list is the hammer. You may have seen a lot of rusty old hammer in your dad’s house. It comes in handy for quick-fix projects. Typically, there are two sizes available in a hammer: small & large. The small one reasonably does the job, but sometimes a big hammer is required to complete the task. Hence, if you have just started to build a toolbox, then I would suggest you invest in a big hammer.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is one of the most essential tools that everyone should own. It has to offer multiple measuring needs. You can get it for your house or even for your office. If you intend for a limited utilization of measuring tape, then you should get a small-sized that can easily fit inside your pocket. However, if you get to use a measuring tape for a lot of different DIY projects, then you should prefer a heavy-duty one.


You should own a reasonable set of screwdrivers with different sizes to serve different DIY house tasks. Commonly, there are the following types of screwdrivers:

  • Phillips Screwdriver–a star-shaped tool
  • Slotted Screwdriver–a flat-shaped tool
  • Robertson Screwdriver–a square-shaped tool

Other than the aforementioned, there are many great screwdrivers available in the market and come in numerous shapes.

Further, you should also consider buying a ratchet screwdriver-the best tool when you are exhausted from taking the screwdriver in and on while turning.


Clutter is one of the best hardware tools that is used for cutting metal, wires, tins, and other hard stuff. If you are interested in buying a good clutter for your toolbox, then prefer 6-inch diagonal clutter with a long-tempered jaw. Get your hands on a durable clutter made with forged-steel, rust-resistant finish, extra-tough cutting edge, and double-dipped for easy handling and extra comfort.

Drill Bit Set

It is good to own a 14-piece titanium drill bit set to conduct multiple drilling related projects inside your house. This set is best-suited to create accurate holes in the wood, plastic, and metal. Indeed, a 14-piece coated titanium drill bit set is more durable. The kit has drill bit pieces ranging from 1⁄16- to ½-inch. A drill bit kit can be a great addition to your toolbox. You can do heavy-duty DIY house projects or carpentry specialized tasks in no time and a safer manner.


Lastly, I’ve got a wide jaw adjustable and adaptable pipe wrench on my list. An adjustable wrench is better in terms of taking less space and less money. It can be a great fit for your toolbox as it tackles various tasks. Normally, it comes with a jaw capacity of 1.5 inches. An adaptable pipe wrench is well-suited to pull double duty that can firmly hold the fittings and the pipe. With this tool, you can easily adjust the handle up to 10, 18, or 24-inches.