7 Shortcuts to Implement for a Much Healthier-Looking Lawn

Having a healthy-looking lawn does not come naturally. Most property owners pour insane amounts of effort and money into the ground just to have a decent-looking yard. But sometimes, even with all of that for a year, the results still leave much to be desired.

If such is the case with your lawn, professionals in lawn treatments Manassas, Virginia locals turn to have a few proven-effective strategies to help you out. Here are seven.

1. Paint

This may seem like a silly strategy, but if your turf is looking more yellow than green, one of the quickest ways to make it seem healthy is by spray painting it. There are non-toxic paints for the job, and they are actually being used on a lot of professional lawn tennis courts.

Of course, this is just a temporary fix while you address the root cause. The better option is to revive your turf, so that it looks the fluffiest and healthiest it’s ever been with all your organic efforts. But, if you’re looking for instant gratification, painting is definitely a worthy solution to consider. 

2. Cut the grass high

According to providers of professional lawn care in Manassas, Virginia, another important strategy in making your lawn look healthy is by keeping the grass no shorter than three inches. This is the ideal height for healthy grass. Not only will it give your yard a softer, more carpet-like appearance, but cutting your grass high will make it less prone to stress during the hot months.

It’s important to note, too, that cutting at a minimum of three inches means your turf stands a better chance against weeds. Plus, it doesn’t need as much watering, saving you a considerable amount of money, especially during the summer.

3. Plant polycultures

Do not be afraid to mix different species of grass for your lawn. The differences in the color intensity, size, and shape of blades will create the illusion of a thicker appearance. For success with this strategy, ask your local nursery for help in picking the different grass species that thrive well and look good together.

Another advantage with a diverse lawn is that it’s less vulnerable to pests and weeds. 

4. Consider other ground covers

If you’re struggling to make grass grow in particular spots of your yard, try doing away with grass. There are other ground covers to consider that may grow with less effort. 

Moss, for example, doesn’t even need healthy soil because it doesn’t take root. It gets its sustenance from the water droplets in the air. You can also grow moss on concrete and even the different structural implements in your yard. There are also countless varieties of moss to choose from.

Other than moss, do consider other hardy ground covers as well, such as creeping golden buttons, thyme leaf speedwell, and white yarrow. These are all foot traffic-resistant, aside from being easy to cultivate. They’ll also make your lawn look like it’s spring for the greater part of the year because they grow little flowers that complement the green grass leaves they have.  

5. Cheat with artificial grass

This is a solution a tad similar to spray painting grass. However, it’s something to consider if you need to create a healthy-looking lawn instantly, and you are working with nothing because of a soil-burn or pest infestation. Artificial grass is also what a lot of property owners use to give their house for sale that much-needed curb appeal.

It’s important to mention, though, that artificial grass is not cheap. The grassiest-looking artificial turf can be quite pricey, but if you are left with no choice because of, say, an upcoming open house, fake grass is the way to go. And while it may be a bit pricey, you can find other uses for it in the future. You can install it in an indoor-outdoor room, while some parents even use it for their children’s playground.

6. Mow in different directions.

This is a piece of lawn care wisdom that every property owner should know. It’s best to mow your lawn in different directions every time. This will prevent grass blades from leaning in one position instead of standing upright. At the same time, this is a mowing strategy that keeps grass looking full and fluffy.

Lawn experts advise going in a zigzag direction in a crosswise and then lengthwise manner. Afterward, go in a diagonal direction and then in a crisscross direction.

Additional Tip: When you mow your lawn, make sure that the blades are sharp. Sharp blades cause little damage to the blades of grass, and a clean cut heals grass so much faster. Plus, if the blades are sharp, you can avoid the risk of pulling out grass from the roots, which can leave your lawn with a few ugly brown spots or holes.

7. Make your lawn really healthy

Even if growing a healthy lawn and garden can be frustrating at times, there seriously is no other strategy that can make your lawn thrive well in the long-term better than the traditional routine. 

Fertilize your soil with a nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium-rich booster. Make sure that the pH level of the soil is within the 5.5 range. Control weeds. Get rid of pests. Aerate or keep the soil loose. Water deeply. Trim and clean up regularly.

Keep with this routine, and eventually, you will see the results that you have been targeting for the longest time. 

When it comes to gardening and lawn care, patience is key. You need to acknowledge the fact that you need to invest time and effort in your lawn to see long-term results. 

But if you continue to experience issues with your lawn, there are lawn care professionals who are always ready to help you solve these problems. You can trust in their vast know-how to come up with solutions that work. They can even impart their knowledge and experience with you, so in the future, all your own efforts will yield the results you want.