Are Circular Saw Blades Hardened?

Most hard-metals are hardened to withstand abrasion and wear. The process of hardening includes heating the metal, quenching it in a bath or other solution, tempering it, and then cooling it back down. A circular saw blade is one example of this type of tool that has been hardened for more efficient use.

Moreover, circular saw blades are one of the most essential tools for any woodworker. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as steel or carbide. While there is plenty of information out there about how to use them and what they should be used on, not much has been written about their hardness. This article will answer the question – “Are Circular saw blades hardened” in detail and give you some more tips for using your circular saw blade efficiently. So, let’s begin…

Why and how are Circular Saw Blades Hardened?

Circular saws are used to cut different types of materials and that’s why they are made stiffer to withstand hours of cutting. Let’s see the hardened process of these blades.

At first, the blades are cut into desired size and shape. After that, these blades have to go through the hardened process to ensure that they can perform well in tough cutting circumstances. To do that, these blades are put to high temperatures. The temperature is around 900-1100 degrees C. This temperature is great for blade hardening.

The blade is heated again to 500 degrees Celsius before being rapidly cooled. This process repeats itself twice and the result of this long-lasting heat treatment makes for a durable, strong steel circular blade.

What are the benefits of a hardened blade over an unhardened blade?

Hardened circular saw blades have their own fan base and they provide some exceptional benefits to make our life simple and easy while cutting a big chunk of wood. Let’s see some of the major benefits of hardened blades over unhardened blades.

  1. Hardened circular saw blades are less likely to be chipped, which is a problem with an unhardened blade that can ruin the cut and cause dangerous flying wood pieces.
  2. Hardened blades have a longer life span and show very consistent performance in every operation.
  3. Hardened blades have carbide steel tip that makes the cutting easier and faster. As a result, you can deal with a huge amount of wood in a short span of time.
  4. Changing circular saw blades is a very irritating job while you are in the middle of any cutting task. But dull blades can ruin your workpiece. Thanks to the hardened circular saw blades, you won’t have to go through the hassle of blade changing so often compared to unhardened blades.
  5. Hardened blades can be used for accomplishing different cutting tasks. So, these blades become very cost-effective in the long run.

The combination of these benefits is the major reason why people prefer to use hardened blades for their jobs, rather than using an unhardened blade that can be chipped easily and has a shorter life span as well.

How do you know if your circular saw blades are hardened or not?

There are various ways to find out the hardness of circular saw blades. I will discuss the easily understandable one so that you can figure out the hardness of your circular saw blades while buying.

  1. The simplest way to check the blade’s stiffness is to check the thickness of the blade. No matter what is the diameter of the blade, thin blades won’t be as hardened as thick blades.
  2. Another interesting way of checking the blade’s thickness is to measure and compare the blade’s weight. Weighty blades are undoubtedly the hard ones.
  3. You can also check the KPSI or KSI of the blade. It means Kilo-pounds per square inch. Check whether the blade you are going to buy has a KPSI of more than 125 or not. KSI or KPSI below 125 is not considered a hardened blade.
  4. Also, make sure the edges of the blade are made of high-quality diamond or carbide material.

A list of some popular brands that make high-quality, affordable hardened blades

After reading so many aspects of the hardened circular saw blade, you must be looking for some great brands that produce and sell top-notch hardened blades. Don’t worry; I am making the task simple for you. Here are some renowned names in the circular saw blades industry.

  1. Oshlun Circular Saw Blade
  2. Graff Circular Saw Blade
  3. Diablo Circular Saw Blade
  4. Concord Hard & Soft Plywood Saw Blade
  5. Irwin Plywood Cutting Saw Blade
  6. Oshlun 36 Tooth ATB Saw Blade

You will also find other stunning circular saw blades that will be perfect for your specific woodworking tasks.

What are circular saw blades made of?

Different types of steel materials are used to craft different types of circular saw blades.  It also dependant on the blade size and its application. Blades for tungsten carbide-tipped saws are made from high chrome, high carbon steel (1075 Cr1).  For applications that need higher crack resistance or slightly harder blades, you can use 80CrV2 which has a higher content in carbon and vanadium than 1075 Cr1.

So, to get a hardened circular saw blade, you must choose these kinds of blades. Also, make sure that these blades have tungsten carbide teeth.

Helpful tips about using hardened blades of circular saw

  1. Circular saw blades are very sharp. You must handle them very carefully. So, It is recommended to change these blades using gloves.
  2. You must make contact between the workpiece and the blade when the blade is rotating at top speed. Otherwise, you can face kickbacks and the saw’s blade can be damaged.
  3. Always keep your blades sharpen during your cutting task to get a smooth finish.
  4. Keep the blades away from water or moisture. Store it in a dry place. If you fail to do so, your saw’s blade may get rusty.


Hardened blades have greater durability than non-hardened ones because they can remain sharp longer without needing frequent resharpening.

However, circular saw blades are made of a variety of materials, such as steel and carbide. Carbides tend to be more expensive than steels but they can also last up to three times longer. One thing that you may not know is that the blade’s hardness affects its performance.

For example, if your circular saw blade cuts through pine wood which has high resin content then it will require less effort because hardening allows for easier cutting by reducing friction against the material being cut. I hope this article has provided enough information about the topic- “Are Circular saw blades hardened”. So, enjoy ripping woods!