Choosing a Thickness Planer for Consistent Thickness

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about a thickness planer? Probably that it is a tool used in woodworking, right? Yes, you are absolutely right! A thickness planer is, in fact, a very important piece of equipment that helps you adjust the thickness and smooth the surface of … Read more

Picking Your Power Tools for DIY & Hobbyists

Finding the right power tools can make all the difference when it comes to Do It Your Self-projects and general home projects. If you want to move beyond the basic hammer, saw and screw drivers there are a whole host of power tool options available. Picking the right one can be a real challenge. It’s … Read more

Buying Guide for Wall Chasers

Having a hard time figuring out the ideal wall chaser for cutting brickwork and masonry? You’re not alone. Many homeowners, handymen and Do It Yourself hobbyists aren’t familiar with wall chasers because they aren’t as commonly used as other power tools (hammer drills, jigsaws, etc.). In fact, wall chaser vendors operate in a niche market, … Read more

Best Air Compressors

Selecting a powerful and high-performance air compressor can be a challenging task because you will find a ton of options, all being portrayed as the bests.  But in reality, many will not fit your specific needs. For that purpose, we will be covering some of the top air compressors with a guide to help you … Read more

Best Power Tool Combo Kit Buying Guide for 2021

Thinking of giving a cordless power tool combo kit as a present? Or maybe you want to get a head start as a DIY enthusiast? Whatever the scenario, power tool combo kits offer great value as you don’t have to spend time and money in setting it up piece by piece. Also, the seller may … Read more

Chop Saws & Compound Miter Saws – What Are They?

When chop saws were first introduced during the 1970s, they were considered a breakthrough in the area of carpentry/woodworking tools because they promised to speed up the cutting work. The chop saw is basically a lightweight circular saw used to make straight cuts of wood, metal or any other material. It is mounted on a … Read more

The Reciprocating Saw: A Hardworking Tool

Usually associated with demolition and remodeling jobs, the reciprocating saw can do lots of things. It is a powerful and hardworking tool which can cut anything from tree branches, to PVC pipes, to cast iron. Being a tough power tool that it is, you should need to be aware of what you will be cutting … Read more

Introduction to Cordless Power Drills and Drivers

Cordless power drills/drivers work like their corded counterparts, only there’s the convenience of not having to deal with a tangled or damaged cord, or not bothering to look for a power outlet. A cordless power drill is the most ideal for exterior repair work and outdoor carpentry, although it can be used indoors too, owing … Read more

All About Generators

Power tools need, well, electric power to get them running and help you in doing your building and carpentry tasks. But what if you experience power outage and you’re in the middle of assembling your furniture or of a big house remodeling project? Nothing can be more annoying and perplexing than that.  If you … Read more