Bathroom Renovation Ideas for a Shower Tub Combo

Bathrooms or washrooms are places in a home that has either a shower or bathtub or in some cases both. Having a shower and tub in one space is a dream combo for many homeowners and for many reasons. The fact is that it is not a common bathroom type in residential buildings. As a result, many homeowners decide on renovating theirs to fit this combo.

If you want some exceptional bathroom renovation ideas, you are in the right place. This article has awesome ideas you would appreciate. We will discuss the best renovation ideas for a shower tub combo but before that, let us see the important things you should consider before a renovation. Please read on!

Points to Note Before Making Renovation Plans

Here are five important things you should take note of before starting renovations:

1. Space

Does your bathroom have enough space for this renovation plan? You may have many ideas on how to design your bathroom but without a large space at your disposal, your expectations may not be met. If you do not have sufficient space, it is best to stick with a single tub or shower room.

2. Your Family Size

Sometimes, you may discover that two persons at a time want to use the bath. If this looks like your family’s situation right now, then a shower tub combo can be invaluable for your family.

3. Your Preference

If it is your personal property and you would live there for an extended period, then you can choose to renovate it based on your taste. You could decide to get a tub that has a shower fixture or a separate tub and shower but in the same space. The choice is yours.

4. Your Budget

Your renovation plans cannot be a success if you do not have a set-aside budget that will cover the expenses to be incurred during the project. If you have a strict budget to follow, a shower installed in a tub is a cheaper option than having it separately but in the same room.

You will also spend money on tiles, doors, and other bathroom accessories. So, calculate the costs before moving ahead with the renovations.

5. Choosing Quality Materials

When planning a bathroom remodeling project, there will be certain details and design ideas you or a designer will create. These designs require materials to accomplish them. So when buying these materials, make sure they are of good standard and quality. If you are confused about this, it is important to seek the advice of a professional to help you execute your plan.

6 Great Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Shower Tub Combo

Now we know what you should consider before starting your renovation plans. Let us discuss some great ideas to get you started.

1. Be Practical

You have the opportunity during the renovations to have a walk-in shower installed in the bathtub or separated but in the same bathroom. You can also choose to have glass walls separate this combo from the other sides of the bathroom.

2. Fancy a Door for the Bathroom?

This idea is simple, but you need to have a plan. Ensure that where your bathtub and shower are installed in the room is not in excess proximity to the toilet or the mirror and hand-wash basins. If you have ascertained that this is not the case, you can place a door that will separate the tub-shower combination from the other areas around the space.

As an alternative, you can decide to have a glass wall or a curtain to separate each side of the bathroom. You may want to check out to read about which option is more preferable.

3. An Elegant Lighting Design

An Elegant Lighting Design bathroom

If you want your tub-shower combo to have excellent lighting, then consider LED lighting. This lighting brings a luxurious, ambient glow that adds an excellent touch to the bathroom.

4. Waterproofing Details

Waterproofing the bathroom is important. You have to be well-informed and careful about the tiles, drains, pipes, and other materials you will use during this renovation. Flooring is an important feature that requires waterproof materials. Only purchase tiles that are durable and stylish and ensure that they are installed on floors, walls, and ceiling.

Ceramic, stone, vinyl, and porcelain are an example of quality tile materials. Do not let your choice of flooring design be a poor material because it has an aesthetic look you like for your bathroom. Rather, choose materials that are waterproof built.

If the shower and tub combo is separated, then the shower will need its separate drain installed in the middle. Having a waterproof shower and tub combo is possible when they are installed together.

5. Add Accessories of Your Choice

bathroom Accessories

After making sure the practical details are in place, the lighting, installing a door, and waterproofing are settled, you can add any accessories you like. You may choose to add a boiler to the tub for hot water or it could be that you need a double shower hose. You can also decide to have a stool or bench in the shower space or add a cabinet to store your towels and other materials.

6. Proper Ventilation

This is one aspect of renovation that many homeowners neglect. Having proper ventilation in the bathroom will ensure that the renovation project is long-lasting. Improper ventilation can result in certain problems like mildew and mold growth.

This can affect the building structure and walls of the room. You can have windows near the bathroom, or you could buy a premium fan for clean, quality indoor air. You may want to click here to read more about why ventilation is important in the bathroom.


A bathroom renovating project is something that you should take seriously. This is because you want it to last for a long time and have a resell value later in the future. When making the decision to start this project, ensure you have a set goal, a budget, and try your best to reach that goal. Also, remember to use our renovation ideas as you kick-start your project.