Best Heat Guns

Heat guns are one of those power tools that can be of great importance for DIY projects. They are versatile and come with a lot of options to consider but getting the perfect one might be difficult if you are not familiar with them. A heat gun consists of a nozzle that blows out hot air and its temperature can also be controlled with the temperature knob, a standard heat gun can help you remove lead-based paints, shrink car wrap perfectly, and melt/soften the adhesive for easy and effortless removal.

NOTE:  Heat guns can be a hazard too if not used in the right way, so it is always recommended to keep it away from the kids and adopt proper safety measures such as gloves, protective glasses, protecting hair etc. while using it.

In this article, you can take the help of the guide to buy an appropriate heat gun according to your needs, followed by some of the best heat guns available in the market.

What to Consider Before Buying a Heat Gun?

Temperature setting

First, focus on the temperature setting options because most heat guns come with or without a variable temperature setting and automatic temperature controlling mechanism that can assist you. Ask yourself this question first that why am I getting a heat gun in first place? Because you want HEAT, right? So it is also very important to get the temperature right if it’s too high, you may burn something and if it’s too low, you won’t get the desired results.


Every power tool requires some power source and so does a heat gun, most of the heat guns, in fact, every one of them, operate on electricity. So the higher the wattage, the more powerful the heat gun will be.

If you are planning to do some basic work then a heat gun of 300 watts should be fine for you, but if you want to more challenging work then a heat gun in between 450-600 watts would be an appropriate option.

Type of nozzles

Different projects may require different types of nozzles for more quality results, so you should consider the type of nozzles that are included in the package for more accuracy in your work. These are some of the nozzles that are available with most of the heat guns.

  • Spoon reflector

A spoon reflector firmly grips the area because of its shape and directs the hot air flow all around the workplace. It is mostly used to bend/solder pipes and for heat shrink tubing.

  • Fishtail nozzle

This type of nozzle is used to spread the heat in a wide area

  • Cone nozzle

If you need more concentration in a specific area then the cone nozzle is useful

  • Glass protector

The glass protector nozzle helps you soften adhesive or remove the paint from window glass without overheating it

  • Surface nozzle

It blows hot air to the work surface while being used in removing floor coverings such as vinyl that need high temperatures.

With that being said, we are ready to move onto our next section that contains a list of some of the top hand-picked heat guns that you can buy now and use on your next project.

Where to Buy
DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD
PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun
FURNO 300 Dual-Temperature Heat Gun
Astro 9425 Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

1. DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD

Built-in overload protection shuts the heating element down and prevents burn up.

How about starting our list with the best overall heat gun that can either be used for DIY home projects or professional projects? The DEWALT D26960K is the best-overall heat gun that you can ever get in this price range. The LCD makes the work easier, and you can also easily adjust the temperature with 50-degree increments ranging from 150F-1100F. You can work safely with this heat gun as it automatically shuts down the heating mechanism after too much heat generation, to prevent burn up.

It comes with a strong case that includes several nozzles to use for different purposes and the kickstand support is also excellent in extending the stability and workability.


  • Comes with a well-built case and several accessories

  • Very helpful LCD

  • Variable temperature settings

  • Built-in overload protection that shuts off the heating mechanism automatically


  • No backlight on the LCD, that means you may not be able to see the display clearly in hard sunlight or at night.

  • Kind of heavy for all-day use

Best for:

It's an all-purpose heat gun with quality performance in small to big sized DIY projects that require heavy-duty use.

2. PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG 1500-Watt Heat Gun

Integrated hands free support stand. Variable temperature control dial.

With its powerful 1500-watt motor you can use it in several projects in or around the house without any problem. The quality ergonomic design makes it amazing to hold and continue using it for a longer time without causing fatigue. With the two built-in features; variable temperature dial and 2-speed fan, you can easily increase or decrease the temperature of the airflow with adjustable fan speed, according to the work type.

If you are planning to get a heat gun that is affordable in price and yet doesn't compromise on quality then you should definitely go for this one.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Feels comfortable in hands because of its ergonomic design and lightweight (only 2 pounds)

  • Energetic 1500-watt motor to perform heavy duty jobs

  • Adjustable temperature and fan speed built in option

  • Thick strong cord ensures safety


  • Airflow level is quite low if compared to other products

  • Extra Nozzle attachments not available other than a standard one

Best for:

You can use it for a wide range of tasks including stripping the paint to removing adhesive on the walls, tiles, or floors as the 1500-watt motor supplies enough power to work smoothly.

3. FURNO 300 Dual-Temperature Heat Gun

Ergonomic design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue. Integrated stand for safe hands-free operation.

Furno 300 is one of the most budget-friendly and high-performance heat guns that is available in the market that is also listed under Amazon’s choice. Furno 300 is the latest model of the top seller Wagner power product 503008 HT 1000. It has many features that you normally get from a premium quality and expensive heat gun. You can effortlessly adjust the fan speed and airflow temperature from 750F to 1100F.

If you are looking for a cheap price heat gun without reducing the quality and value, then Furno 300  is one to consider.


  • Dual-temperature mode for different works

  • Budget-friendly

  • Cool-down mode

  • Handy and excellent ergonomic design

  • Supports hands-free operation


  • Might be smelly to use

  • The on/off switch is not placed right, might create challenges when being used

Best for:

It is great for general purpose use in and around the house, but not recommended to perform professional work.

4. Astro 9425 Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

Low noise and vibration design and lightweight for easy use. Double insulation for extra safety.

Astro 9425 is another worth mentioning budget-friendly general purpose heat gun that is also listed as an Amazon top choice. It offers a dual-temperature feature (572F and 923F) so you can easily adjust the heat according to the work’s nature. The package also includes 4 types of nozzles to make your work more efficient.


  • Dual-temperature setting

  • Affordable price

  • Comes with 4 different nozzles

  • The low noise/vibration design enhances the level of comfort


  • Might make constant smoke and burning smell under different circumstances

Best for:

It is ideal to use for stripping paint, removing decals, shrinking car wrap paper, and other similar works.

Final verdict:

A heat gun is a valuable tool while doing general DIY projects and professional work.  Consider the DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display if you are looking for an all-round solid option.  If you want to spend less without compromising on quality then you can choose from Astro 9425 Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit or the FURNO 300 Dual-Temperature Heat Gun.