Best Mixers and Stirrers for Your Power Tools Kit

Do you love multitasking when it comes to construction? Do your hands feel tired while stirring or mixing concrete? If so, the best mixers and stirrers belong in your power tools kit. Whether it’s sealants, lacquers, paints or glues, the right accessory can take out the hassle from the task in front of you.
With that said, it can be helpful to know what to look for in a mixer or and stirrer before you make a purchase. Listed below are the common considerations.

What to look for in a mixer and stirrer?

Torque: This will have an influence on the mixing force. The higher the torque, the greater will be the power generated by the power. The usual power can range between 800 to 8,000 watts. A versatile mixer is at least 1500 watts. Stirrers, on the other hand, are wooden/plastic in most instances, and don’t run on electricity.

Rod head: This applies to paddle rob stirring accessories for concrete, plaste, and cement. You can find square head rods, hex head rods, and round head rods among other options. The material for these rods is usually durable and sturdy steel. 

Rotational speed: Because mixes run on electricity, its critical to review rotational speed (defined by rpm or revolutions per minute). The best mixers will easily surpass 700 rpm during their function, but around 500 rpm is also ideal for anyone using a high-quality motor. However, models featuring electric gears require a bit more rpm.

Safe mixing capacity: the last consideration to make is for “mixing safety.” This is also known as mixing capacity and it’s often mentioned on the notice of the accessory. It indicates the maximum concrete or material you can mix without letting the motor overheat or cause an accident. The sweet spot for home projects is 30 KGs, but it’s common for mixer vendors to offer up to 90 KGS of mixing capacity.

Run time: Take an in-depth look at the kind of project you want to carry out before buying a mixer. While stirrers can be used to mix lower quantities of project materials, a mixer would be ideally used for heavy mixing. The thing here to be mindful is that the automatic mixers can run for 2-5 hours depending on their battery capacity and the model in use. Also, smaller models have a 60-minute runtime, so it’s a good idea to factor in the project nature’s into your purchase. 

Keeping all of these elements in mind, here are the 6 best mixers and stirrers present on the market:

Where to Buy
XtremepowerUS 1600W Handheld Electric Cement Mixer for Mortars Concretes Grouts Hand Held Adjustable Speed UL CUL
1800W Nordstrand PWTPM01 Pro Mixer Stirring Tool for Cement Plaster Grout Paint Thinset Mortar
Brutus 21665Q 120-Volt 2 Speed Power Mixer with Mixing Paddle for Thinset Grout and Mortar
F2C Pro 1600W Adjustable 7 Speed Handheld Electric Concrete
CS Unitec Electric Cement Mixer Portable, Handheld Paddle Concrete Drill Mixer -Heavy Duty


1. XtremepowerUS 1600W Handheld Electric Cement Mixer for Mortars Concretes Grouts Hand Held Adjustable Speed UL CUL

Xtremepower US 1600W Handheld Electric Cement Mixer is capable of delivering exceptional results while also ensuring that it remains endurable and does not wear out quickly. The added protection it offers with its heat radiation system on the top of the device is also something to be commended. The compact design reduces chances of accidental starts that are more or less often the reason for power tool related accidents. It offers the ability to stir a wide array of material due to the 1600 W power of the device, which enables you to mix and stir everything from cement to plaster. 

The design is also better than most drills as it promises grip and easy handling while the molded handles make it more secure to grab onto. It is also relatively easy to operate the tool as the Left Thumb Speed Wheel allows for quick switches between the fast and slow modes, meaning you can quickly adjust the speed of your device according to your needs. 

What makes this entire transaction even better is the presence of a Ground Fault Interruption system.  It guarantees that you get the most protection and allows you to assemble the tool by yourself as all the components and hardware are delivered in one package. This can be used for very intensive stirring but is also compatible with lighter materials. The price is also suitable and appropriate for a tool of such power and may even be considered a bargain.


  • Variable Speed system that enables you to vary the speed
  • 1600 W of Power
  • Helical Blade
  • Superb Handling Design and Grip
  • Ground Fault Interruption
  • Easy Setup
  • Finger Lock and Thumb Trigger

2. 1800W Nordstrand PWTPM01 Pro Mixer Stirring Tool for Cement Plaster Grout Paint Thinset Mortar – 6 Speed – 120mm Mixing Paddle

Now, this is a compelling device that packs quite a punch. It has 1800 W of power that can mix any material that you put it too including plaster and paint and the 6 speed control system allows you to alternate between the high and low power modes easily, thereby allowing control over the mixing of any material. There is also a 600 RPM that enables the user to mix both materials of high and low viscosity, meaning we will not have to worry about purchasing two different mixers. 

The defining factor that distinguishes this device from others is the trigger switch. It makes it possible for continuous operation. This ends the restriction of having to worry about the tool giving up midway and gives more agency to the user. The 120mm paddle also helps in making your power tools kit more effective. The dimensions of the product are 66 x 40 x 24 cm, which, when coupled with the highly durable and accessible frame, make it a charm to handle. The price may be a little on the higher side, but for individuals that want a powerful mixer that does not compromise on its quality while remaining reliable; you would be hard pressed to find a better device.


  • 1800 W of Power
  • Durable Frame
  • Ergonomic Handling
  • Trigger Lock System
  • 6 Speed Modes
  • 30 Liter Mixing Capacity
  • 600rpm Motor

3. Brutus 21665Q 120-Volt 2 Speed Power Mixer with Mixing Paddle for Thinset Grout and Mortar

For anyone looking for a moderately powered mixer that is capable of delivering results, they need not look further than this. The device is not only packed with 1300 W of power but is also extraordinarily diligent and reliable. This tool offers a variable speed that you can control with a finger-tip control dal. 

Such as thinking about the tool turning off on you whereas the speed of the Brutus is exceptional for a mixer of its size, and is around 700 RPM. The setup of the device is straightforward and can be done by almost anyone with the minutes of knowledge of power tools. At about 30 x 17.2 x 36 inches in its dimension, the device is also smaller, which means it is easier to operate. The package also comes along with a warranty for the parts that lasts a year.  Add to that the lower price of the mixer, and you get the perfect tool for individuals looking for results without having to use the heavier tools.


  • 1300 W Motor
  • Small and Easy to Handle
  • 700 RPM Speed
  • Mixing Paddle
  • Impact Resistant Body
  • Soft Start Feature

4. F2C Pro 1600W Adjustable 7 Speed Handheld Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Thinset Mortar Grout Plaster Cement Mixer Stirring Tool AC 110V

This is a competent tool that is capable of mixing anything to solvent for your construction. The 1600 W motor is indeed potent whereas the variable speed feature means you do not have to live within the confines of two pre-determined speed zones, but instead you can choose the appropriate speed per your requirements in 7 distinct modes. 

It can benefit the individuals who work with a wide range of materials. We can use this device for anything from stones to the adhesive. Additionally, the input required is capable of being directly linked with an electric mainframe. This entails that we do not require additional measures to be taken to supply power to it. The frame is made to reduce hand fatigue while the twin handles ensure that your grip on the tool never falters. 

The soft start features mean that it gets faster progressively, which reduces the chance of spillage. Devices that start immediately waste a lot of material, which can harm your project. The Heat Resistant Qualified Motor means a mixer that combines effectiveness and endurance. This is a drill that you can choose for the long run without feeling any regret. 


  • 1600 Watt Power
  • Two Carbon Brushes
  • Simple Electrical Installation
  • Heat Radiation System
  • 7 Speed Modes 
  • Accessible Design
  • Dual Handle System
  • 23 Inch Paddle Mixer Length

5. CS Unitec Electric Cement Mixer Portable, Handheld Paddle Concrete Drill Mixer -Heavy Duty

If you always encounter a challenge in handling tough mixing jobs, then this powerful and portable electric cement mixer is what you need. CS Unitec Electric Cement Mixer is designed to handle batches up to 4. 5 cubic feet / 25 gallons / 200 lbs. / 5 bags within a production rate of 1800lbs/hour. If you use this powerful mixer, you will definitely increase your manual mixer’s output.

You can use this mixing drill to mix a wide range of materials such as cement, concrete, paint, grout, mortar, mud, resin, plaster, tile cement, self-leveling floor coatings, drywall, clay, and masonry. This heavy-duty handheld mixer is powered by a 14. 5 amp motor so this can endure long hours of continuous use. To reduce fatigue in a long period of use, the CS Unitec Electric Cement Mixer is ergonomically-designed and is built with a durable H handle (optimized handle height). This one is made from Germany so you are assured of its quality.


  • 14. 5 amp motor
  • Ergonomically-designed
  • Item Weight: 23.3 pounds
  • 15 x 10 x 30 inches (Dimension)
  • Ac (Power source)


In the end, the decision to buy the right power tool requires a great deal of contemplation. To make the right choice, analyze the factors underlined above, and chose the product that is best for you and your kit. Everything is simple once you have the right tools.