Best Nail Guns

If you are a person who likes to utilize creativity in form of small to big DIY projects or want to work professionally in construction (joining and framing) then power tools are a must, especially a nail gun. A quality nail gun will enhance your ability to work efficiently because it operates 10X faster than … Read more

Best Tool Bags for Professionals and Do It Yourself Projects

Who Needs a Tool Bag? Almost anyone who carries tools, whether a construction worker, carpenter, technician, electrician or a DIYer, needs something that makes it easier to organize and move tools from one place to another. Tool bags minimize the chances of expensive tools getting damaged and misplaced. They also keep tools handy and well … Read more

Best Air Compressors

Selecting a powerful and high-performance air compressor can be a challenging task because you will find a ton of options, all being portrayed as the bests.  But in reality, many will not fit your specific needs. For that purpose, we will be covering some of the top air compressors with a guide to help you … Read more

What You Need to Know about Fastening Tools

Fastening is essential to keep materials joined together for a particular use or purpose. Before, we were contented by rudimentary carpentry tools such as hammers, nails, screws, and screwdrivers. But as the time paces by, technology has enabled manufacturers to come up with the more sophisticated power tools that make every handyman’s job quicker, easier … Read more

Make Your Working Environment Healthier with Dust Collectors

Working with wood – whether you are doing it once in a while or on a frequent basis – can expose to you to a number of health hazards. One of these is exposure to sawdust. Saw dust or wood dust can be innocuous to look at, but it is actually a documented health hazard. … Read more

Chop Saws & Compound Miter Saws – What Are They?

When chop saws were first introduced during the 1970s, they were considered a breakthrough in the area of carpentry/woodworking tools because they promised to speed up the cutting work. The chop saw is basically a lightweight circular saw used to make straight cuts of wood, metal or any other material. It is mounted on a … Read more