Best Nail Guns

If you are a person who likes to utilize creativity in form of small to big DIY projects or want to work professionally in construction (joining and framing) then power tools are a must, especially a nail gun. A quality nail gun will enhance your ability to work efficiently because it operates 10X faster than … Read more

Best Tool Bags for Professionals and Do It Yourself Projects

Who Needs a Tool Bag? Almost anyone who carries tools, whether a construction worker, carpenter, technician, electrician or a DIYer, needs something that makes it easier to organize and move tools from one place to another. Tool bags minimize the chances of expensive tools getting damaged and misplaced. They also keep tools handy and well … Read more

Best Air Compressors

Selecting a powerful and high-performance air compressor can be a challenging task because you will find a ton of options, all being portrayed as the bests.  But in reality, many will not fit your specific needs. For that purpose, we will be covering some of the top air compressors with a guide to help you … Read more

Best Power Tool Combo Kit Buying Guide for 2021

Thinking of giving a cordless power tool combo kit as a present? Or maybe you want to get a head start as a DIY enthusiast? Whatever the scenario, power tool combo kits offer great value as you don’t have to spend time and money in setting it up piece by piece. Also, the seller may … Read more

Introduction to the Corded Power Drill

The power drill is the usual go-to tool for various DIY home projects. It is typically used for drilling or boring holes in wood, metal, plastic, stone, brick, tiles, glass and other surfaces. In the corded power drill, there are a variety of drill bits available in type and size, depending on the material being … Read more

Introduction to Cordless Power Drills and Drivers

Cordless power drills/drivers work like their corded counterparts, only there’s the convenience of not having to deal with a tangled or damaged cord, or not bothering to look for a power outlet. A cordless power drill is the most ideal for exterior repair work and outdoor carpentry, although it can be used indoors too, owing … Read more

All About Generators

Power tools need, well, electric power to get them running and help you in doing your building and carpentry tasks. But what if you experience power outage and you’re in the middle of assembling your furniture or of a big house remodeling project? Nothing can be more annoying and perplexing than that.  If you … Read more

Batteries for Cordless Tools

It cannot be denied that electricity which comes from your socket definitely drives your corded tools to full power, enabling them to perform their functions more efficiently. But corded tools can also bring some inconveniences and accidents. If you don’t wish to get stumbled by a tangled cord, or experience electrical hazards with a damaged … Read more