Reasons to Use Alligator Lopper Instead of a Chainsaw

An alligator lopper

Alligator lopper is a type of chainsaw with a scissor or jaw-like design. The blades make it easier to cut logs and branches of a tree that can otherwise be difficult to cut with a traditional chainsaw. However, it cannot cut trees or big trunks of trees. Chainsaws can help in pruning the branches of … Read more

Explaining What a Gator Chainsaw Does

A person using an alligator chainsaw

Alligator or gator chainsaw is also commonly known as a lopper chainsaw. It is a type of chainsaw with a jaw like cutter teeth that resemble the inside of a gator’s mouth. It is like a pair of scissors for cutting trees andis a lot safer than a regular chainsaw because it prevents the blades … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Table Saws

a person lifting the cover from the saw

Buying a hybrid table saw for your woodworking projects doesn’t have to be a daunting task. All you need from the machine you are purchasing is quality performance. We have put together this guide to make your buying decision easier and provide insightful information about hybrid table saws. Hybrid table saws are the answer to … Read more

Your In-depth Guide to Saws

From traditional handsaws to power saws like circular saws, milter saws, and jigsaws, there is a type of these essential woodworking tools for every project, every skill level, and every material. In the post that follows, you’ll find a detailed guide to various kinds of handsaws and power saws. Handsaws Depending on their type, hand … Read more

Woodworking Tool Accessories

woodworking tools accessories

There’s always a sense of pride and satisfaction with creating something amazing out of a mere slab of wood. There is no doubt about it – skills and talent are behind those impressive wooden masterpieces. However, one should not downplay the importance of using the right tools and accessories in woodworking. They contribute significantly to … Read more

How to Protect Your Ears from All the Power Tool Noise

How to Protect Your Ears from All the Power Tool Noise

Do you get uncomfortable hearing the leaf blower? Do your ears irritate when you use the power washer? Do you want to make sure your ears are protected and have some peace and quiet?  If ‘yes’ is your answer to any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place. Power tools can expose … Read more

Top Cordless Power Screwdrivers

Top Cordless Power Screwdrivers

Introduction Cordless power screwdrivers might be the answer if you are looking for more versatility than a drill and less wrist pain associated with manual screwdrivers. Cordless screwdrivers work well for a variety of jobs, including cupboard work, flat-pack construction and other tasks that require you to work in tight spaces. Although many professionals argue … Read more