Choosing the Best Angle Grinder

Are you a professional worker but unsatisfied with your Angle Grinder? Is your angle grinder not the best it could be? Or you are planning to get an angle grinder but have no prior experience with the tool? Our goal with this guide is to help you choose the best angle grinder. An angle grinder is a tool used along with an abrasive disc. It is mainly used for smoothening out uneven surfaces, polishing, and grinding. Choosing the best angle grinder depends upon various factors such as power operation, speed, safety features, the performance of the tool, handle and control etc. Read on to find out in detail regarding these factors. Also, you will find some of our picks for the best angle grinders available.

How to Shop for an Angle Grinder?

Non-professionals are typically challenged when trying to buy tools. It’s easy to get confused when they look at so many options and brands displayed in front of them. This article will tell you exactly which features you should look for in your angle grinder.

Power Source: The main thing one should look for in their angle grinder is the power source. Is it cordless or is it corded? This depends on the user’s comfort and how much power do they usually require while working. A corded angle grinder is more powerful and stronger compared to the cordless one. Whereas, the cordless angle grinders are portable and easier to handle. At times, charging the batteries can get very irritating. These things should be kept in mind while choosing the type of power source.

Speed: Speed is another main feature that should be taken into account while buying the grinder. Many angle grinders provide the users with an option of variable speed. These types of grinders are more preferred as you can set the speed according to the type of material you’re working on. You can find various angle grinders which have a speed between 7000 and 11000RPM. The better the speed, the less time would it take to polish or grind out a surface and vice versa.

Safety features: Before buying any tool, you should check whether it has all the safety features or not. No matter how professional you are at using the tool, something or the other might go wrong or things might get dangerous. Make sure all the precautionary measures are taken and the safety features are embedded in your tool. Standard safety features include automatic shutdown, trigger lock-on, Quick-change wheel mechanism and safety-lock off to prevent accidental startup.

Performance: In order to get the best performance from your angle grinder, you need to make sure that it has a good quality, the variable speed option, and a powerful motor. These combined features will definitely improve the performance of the angle grinder and give you outstanding outputs with a fine touch. By performance, we relate to the ability of a grinder to grind the material and how efficiently it does that. This can be analyzed by the output, waste jam, dust protection, and overload durability etc.

Handle and control: You need to make sure you buy an angle grinder which is easier to control and handle. The more comfortable you are while working with the tool, the more efficiently your tool will work. Typically, grinders with controlled speed and rubber coated handles are easier to handle and control.

Recommended Angle Grinders

Below we have provided an overview of some of the best angle grinders available in the market.

Where to Buy
Hitachi G12SR4 6.2-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with 5 Abrasive Wheels
DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder
Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case
PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG 7-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder/Cut Off Tool

1. Hitachi G12SR4 6.2-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with 5 Abrasive Wheels

Hitachi is a very well-known Japanese company that manufactures almost all types of machinery. This angle grinder has many great features which will make your grinding easier and better than ever. It provides you with a powerful motor of 6.2 amps with the maximum power of 980W. Also, it is specially designed for heavy duty grinding tasks. It’s also an Amazon top choice.

Hitachi has made sure that their customers are provided with the best. You will find this tool super comfortable. It has a removable, forward-canted side handle which makes handling easier for the right-hand users as well as the left-hand users. The weight of the angle grinder is around 4 pounds. Moreover, the trigger lock-on will allow the machine to operate continuously and smoothly.


  • Maximum safety provided with the safety lock-on switch that prevents accidental startup

  • Gets into tight areas easily

  • High durability increases the lifespan


  • Overheats quickly on low speed

  • Some people face issues with speed control

Best for: Offering maximum safety and overall great performance, the Hitachi G12SR4 6.2-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with 5 Abrasive Wheels is suitable for professional job sites as it features a strong and powerful motor.

2. DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

For the second in our list, we have the DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder. This too is one of the best angle grinders in the market. It has a lot of great features in one grinder. The powerful 11 Amp motor provides the user with a speed of 11,000 Rpm. The speed is suitable for almost all types of materials. Additionally, the tool is corded which helps in work without disruption and light in weight.

This angle grinder by DEWALT has a strong construction and is very durable. It has a dust ejection system which prevents the dust and debris from going into the motor. Also, this tool has a 2-position side handle so the user can feel comfortable while working. Moreover, this grinder features a Quick-Change ™ Wheel Release system which allows free wheel removal. A wrench is also included.


  • Very user-friendly

  • Affordable cost

  • Works smoothly and has low vibrations


  • It is not suitable for high duty tasks

  • The motor might burn if not given a break

Best for: The DEWALT DWE402 4-1/2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder offers the user with a smooth grind and hardly produces any vibrations.

3. Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case

This is yet another powerful angle grinder in our list which has a motor of 7.5 amps. The maximum speed that it can run on is 11,000RPM. 11,000RPM is a fast enough speed as we mentioned above in the buying guide; therefore, this tool seems to be the right one. You will be glad to know that despite being so powerful it weighs only around 4.5 pounds. To make it comfortable for the user, there is a proper handle grip with a small diameter of 2.5 inches. Therefore, it becomes a very user-friendly tool.


  • Lightweight: ideal for small jobs

  • Excellent speed can match workpiece requirement

  • Cool-touch base

  • A very durable machine


  • Not a cordless tool

  • Does not come with a variable speed option

Best for: The Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder with Aluminum Case can be used for multiple applications such as sanding, grinding, and finishing but it works the best for the rough materials which are not usually easy to grind.

4. PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG 7-Amp 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder/Cut Off Tool

Finally, we have this another great angle grinder option made by the well-known power tools manufacturer, Porter-Cable. With a powerful 7 amp motor, it brings a maximum of 11,000 RPM which is solid for high-speed material-removal. Use it any position you want to because there are three different handles. There is a tool-less blade change system which makes it easier to change the blade. Also, it is safe. Good enough no?

Additionally, this tool has a cast metal gear case which improves durability and brings a long life for the tool. Even rough usage does not affect the performance of this tool a lot. The weight is only 4 pounds which means you can even use it with a single hand. The complete package includes PC60TPAG small angle grinder/cut-off tool, grinding wheel, cut-off wheel, grinding guard, cutting guard, side handle, wrench, operating instructions


  • Powerful tool with a high speed

  • Lightweight tools minimize user fatigue

  • Non-slip handles for ultimate grip during operation


  • Does not come with a case

  • Requires Cord


Best for: This tool is considered as a good one for the job sites and rough work as it provides high-speed work. Additionally, it is for users who are looking for a budget-friendly tool.


If you are looking for a heavy-duty angle grinder that gives you a long-lasting life with a premium experience, then you should go for the Hitachi’s 6.2 amp grinder as it has been the choice of many customers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then you should go for the one offered by Porter-Cable or Makita. Definitely check out all the features to determine which option is best for your needs.