Final which we have been waiting for a long time or which teams have the greatest chances to meet in the Euro finals

What to expect from the Euro 2021 Final? Which of the teams has a real chance of participating in the final of the competition, and who is predicted to win this season?

Euro 2021 is one of the most exciting football events of the past few years. Millions of people around the world watch their favorite European teams fight to win. The competition is full of bright events and emotions. Scores24 updates all information in real-time, so you can find all the latest news here.

How is Euro 2021 different from other competitions in this series?

Euro is a European football competition that takes place every 4 years. The competition was supposed to take place in 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was decided to postpone it to 2021. So, the fans have been waiting for this competition for 5 years and now they are very closely following all the events.

If the competition previously took place in one country or two neighboring countries. That Euro 2021 accepts 11 countries at once. This gives the game a certain flavor, helps to get to know the culture of different countries better.

Another innovation is that the referees received an innovative system for monitoring everything that happens on the field. This will help them judge more honestly, as well as avoid all kinds of scandals (as it was in the past). It is safe to say that this season is the most interesting and unusual.

The competition is divided into 2 large stages. At the beginning of Euro 2021, 24 teams were competing for the championship. They were divided into 6 groups. Within one group, all teams meet on the field and the team that shows the worst result leaves the competition.

As soon as the games within each group are played, the playoff stage begins. Here, all teams are fighting for survival, because just one loss guarantees elimination.

Who will we meet in the final of the competition?

The group stage of Euro 2021 is over and now the competition has entered the playoff stage. Ahead is a series of games where there will be no more compromises – the losing team leaves the competition.

It’s hard to say who will be the winner this year, as every team that made it to this stage has excellent training and a few trump cards up their sleeves in the form of excellent players and a well-built strategy.

In total, the following teams reached the playoff stage:

  • Austria;
  • Belgium;
  • Croatia;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Denmark;
  • England;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Netherlands;
  • Portugal;
  • Spain;
  • Sweden;
  • Switzerland;
  • Ukraine;

Each of the above teams has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they all have proven themselves quite well. It is worth noting that for some teams, such as the Ukrainian national team, getting into the playoffs happened for the first time.

The Netherlands, Wales, Austria, Portugal, and some others teams have already dropped out of the 1/8 and there are fewer candidates for victory. It is important to understand that last season (Euro 2016) the team from Portugal became the winner. And in the EURO 2021, it flew out at stage 1/8. Football is constantly changing, who will become the favorite is incredibly difficult to predict.

At the moment, the passage to the final is predicted by France and Germany. Both teams have proven themselves in previous games like the ones that deserve to win.


At the moment, many bookmakers and experts predict victory in Euro 2021 for France. Before the start of the tournament, the national team strengthened itself with such powerful player as Karim Benzema. In addition, in the group stage, the team showed that they played very well and professionally. It is interesting to watch each pass because it amazes with its accuracy.

Even though the French team did not go as smoothly as they could in the group stage, they topped the standings and showed that they are ready to work for the result.


The German national team is one of the legendary teams that has a fairly high chance of reaching the final. Now there is an active debate about whether the team will be able to win since it showed itself not at its full strength in the group stage. In addition, after the completion of the EURo 2021, Joachim Low leaves the post of head coach, which can negatively affect the morale of the players.

However, it is predicted that during the fight with England, the team can show what they are capable of.

Football is an unpredictable game in which many depend not only on the skills of the players themselves but also on luck. The group stage showed this well since many teams got into the playoffs, which, according to all forecasts, should have been eliminated from the championship even at the first stage. It is important to understand that almost every team has a chance to win and it is very difficult to place bets on winning at this stage.

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