Four Sports You should try Out in 2023

When it comes to changing something in our life, for the New Year’s resolutions, many of us think that we need to get back in shape. However, that is easier said than done. Since a lot of people don’t enjoy going to the gym, they get a subscription, go once or twice, and then let go. But there are other sports that one can do, to regain a better physical health. Here are four new sports you may want to try out, in 2023.


If you like strategy games, this might just be the right fit for you, that is if you also want to feel better, physically. Airsoft is a war game, where you use firearms like an MP5 airsoft, in order to get rid of your competitors. Of course, they are soft bullets that won’t hurt anyone (you do need to wear goggles or a face mask to protect your eyes). This is an intense sport, that requires both your brain and your muscles to be on, at all times. If you like it, you will go back every chance that you got, since it is extremely stimulating and helps you let off a little steam, which we can all use in these modern days.

Roller Skating

The readers belonging to Generation X will fondly remember the days where they skated in circle, inside roller skating rinks. We can officially say that roller skates have been back for good, for a few years now. However, they are being used outside, instead of in particular rinks. This is certainly a great way to combine sport with fresh air. The fact that you can decide to go and exercise by yourself, whenever you want, is another wonderful advantage. It is a sport for all ages, so go buy yourself a pair of roller skate and take them outside for a ride. They are also much easier to use than rollerblades, in case you were wondering.

Water Polo

Let’s move on to another team sport. If you like water, this is one that will interest you. Everybody knows that there is no other sport as complete as swimming. Water polo will let you enjoy this, while giving you a clear objective: Placing the ball in the opposition’s net. That can be much more motivating to some than just swimming lanes, one after another. This will also get you back in shape in no time. Although, at the beginning, you may have some difficulty to follow the rest of the players.

Rock climbing

If you love challenges, you will found your match in rock climbing. This sport will certainly need you to train your muscles a little, as you will be hanging on, many times, only by the strength of them. When you find yourself at a high altitude, perched on the side of a rock, you don’t want them to give up on you. Of course, you will be starting inside a gym, which will give you plenty of time to decide if you really want to move on to a real mountain, with the risks that it represents.