How Digital Signage Is Helping Businesses during a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic and the global lockdown have had a dramatic impact on businesses in various areas: retail, hospitality, restaurant business, and many more. Today technology is helping businesses rejoice by offering the best digital signage software ­ clear, easy to use, and with limitless power.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Safely Return after COVID

Day by day, systems working on digital signage technologies are becoming very popular. They can be found in catering establishments, bars, hotels, shopping centers, airports, railway stations, gas stations. Restaurant menu and special offers, schedule or travel scheme, current promotions in the store, announcements for employees inside the office — informational or advertising content broadcast on one or several digital screens simultaneously allows you to quickly and accurately convey messages to the target audience.

It has been found that digital signage systems can increase retail sales by about 15-20%. And the results of a survey conducted by analysts at IDC (International Data Corporation) in the United States showed that about 82% of business owners who use digital signage software are completely satisfied with the results.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage and Advertising Monitors

Digital signage is a technology used in systems to display digital advertising. If your goal is to take a leading position in your business segment, you cannot do without the use of innovative solutions. One solution that will help your businesses during a pandemic is digital signage technology provided by Kitcast.

Digital Signage Functions

Modern digital signage can perform several functions all at once:

  1.  Attract new audience thanks to animated visualizations
  2.  Serve as an original approach to service and goods commercial
  3.  Display different data messages

By choosing the Apple TV digital signage system, you get the main advantage of digital signage solutions, namely, the ability to centrally manage various types of content both within the same store and within the network:

  •  Audio (background and advertising content) in an institution of any format
  •  Video on advertising LCD monitors, video walls, tablets
  •  Broadcast of advertising and information content on indoor or outdoor LED panels of various resolutions
  •  Interactive touch panels installed in institutions

Using complex hardware and software solutions, you will be able to launch virtually any action at any time just with one click. Previously, it took too long to change content, but now, it takes minutes.

Content changes depending on time and other factors, and it may also contain information messages, commercials, descriptions of goods and services. A key component of any digital signage system is content, while a set of technical means (screens, projectors, players) plays the role of a mechanism that delivers it to the audience. The content can be either the fruit of the creative work of the customer enterprise, or it can be developed to order by the Kitcast Company.

A team of the best developers and qualified IT specialists will help and support you during all the implementation processes of your long-awaited projects. Thanks to the automation of business processes, you can save time and enjoy your life.