How Much Does Concrete Cutting Cost In Melbourne?

Concrete cutting costs in Melbourne depend on what type of concrete is being cut, the equipment used, and whether the job is done by professionals or individuals. This guide will give you an idea of Melbourne concrete cutting costs.

When is concrete cutting is necessary?

Concrete cutting can be done for many reasons. To prevent cracking in new concrete slabs you need to cut expansion joints into concrete. Need to remove a concrete slab? To make the concrete easier to dispose of, you might need to break it into smaller pieces. Renovating? It may be necessary to remove a portion of a concrete slab or cut holes for access.

No matter what reason, there is a concrete cutting tool for it. Depending on the task and your experience you might DIY (with safety in mind) or hire a professional.

What is the cost of concrete cutting?

Melbourne concrete cutting professionals may recommend or choose different equipment depending on the nature and purpose of the job. The equipment needed will determine the cost of concrete cutting, regardless of whether you hire it or leave it to a professional.

Concrete cutting costs per metre are also determined by the depth of the cut. Concrete cutting services in Melbourne may charge different prices depending on the type of concrete being cut, such as for curbs or gutters.

Concrete cutting costs will also be affected by the type of concrete surface. Concrete cutting prices can be higher for exposed concrete (pebblecrete), and concrete floors with hydronic heating.

Generally speaking, pricing starts from $20 per meter for basic cuts and can go up to three times that for thick or complex slabs. The latter is usually required in commercial buildings and infrastructure projects rather than Melbourne homes.

Concrete cutters can recommend the right tool for you based on your specific needs. A fully-equipped concrete cutting, drilling and coring company will have several floor sawing machines available. An electric machine may be suitable for certain types of work. A larger job might call for a diesel or petrol powered saw.

Pros use hand-held saws only when it is impossible or impractical to use more powerful, stable and powerful wheels. The heavier equipment is better for “floor sawing,” which is the process of cutting concrete on a large surface.

It is more precise than hand-held equipment. Concrete cutting costs will be higher, but labour costs will be lower.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to use sophisticated radar scanning equipment in order to locate metallic objects and cables under concrete.

Concrete cutting services

Because each job is unique, Melbourne concrete cutting companies typically won’t give you a fixed quote until they have completed a site inspection. and although two jobs might sound identical, closer inspection may reveal that one may have more access issues or require heavier equipment. It could also take longer to complete.

You’ll get the best prices if you get both concrete cutting and concreting quotes for new slabs. For concrete removal, drilling and large-scale cutting, it may be a better idea to get quotes from companies who specialise in these services.