How to cut tile with a wet saw

Tile cutting is an art, and you need to master this art by spending more time practicing tile cutting. Besides having a powerful wet saw, you need to know how to cut tile with a wet saw flawlessly.

Yes, wet saws are easy to operate, and you can learn to handle these machines in no time if you follow the correct method. Guss what? Here, I am going to focus on a straightforward process of cutting tiles with wet saws.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and enjoy!

Learn how to cut tile with a wet saw in 4 simple steps

To get your desired cut, you should have a fine wet tile saw. Yes, top-notch tile cutting machines are expensive, but you may find an affordable wet saw offering superior performance at the following link,

Now it’s time to describe the tile cutting process.

Step 01: Preparation

After getting a tile saw and before starting the cutting procedure, you need to do the preparation perfectly so that you don’t face any trouble in the middle of the process. Therefore, you need a suitable place to set the machine where you get enough room to move freely.

Make sure that any power outlet is situated nearby to the saw’s cord’s reach. As there would be lots of water revolving around the blade, there is a possibility that water may spill out of the tray. Therefore, keep your important devices and equipment covered with plastic sheets.

Also, make sure that you have poured enough water into the water container so that the recirculating pump can deal with this water easily. Also, ensure that you have plugged the saw in a GFCI-protected outlet or extension cord for further safety.

Step 02:   Take measurements

To achieve perfection in any type of cutting task, you must concentrate on making correct measurements. And there is no difference in this case. You need to get a marker or pencil and L-square to get the job done.

Now, using these tools, draw a precise cut line on the tile surface. While drawing lines, don’t forget to provide sufficient room to install spacers around the tile. However, make the cut line visible enough to clearly follow while doing your cut, and don’t use any permanent marker as marks are hard to wipe off from the tiles’ surface.

Step 03: Add water and align the tile

Now, it’s time to provide water to ensure that the wet saw’s blade remains cool during cutting. To do that, just slide the table of the saw and pour water on the tray. After providing sufficient water, slide the tray back to its original place.

After that, take the piece of tile that you want to slice and place it over the wet saw table. Align the blade of the cutter on the previously marked cut line of the tile. Adjust the wet saw fence to fix the tile tightly on the table to ensure a straight cut. To have safer cutting, hold the outer part of the tile while doing the operation.

Don’t forget to place the blade 1-inch off the blade so that your sliced piece of tile gets the desired and proper shape.

Step 04: Start cutting

After setting everything properly, wear your safety gears and press the start button to start the machine. Hold the workpiece tightly and slightly push it towards the blade. But don’t force the tile to cut quickly. If you want to make a 90-degree cut, stop the wet saw blade when it reaches the middle of the tile piece. Take out the tile, turn it horizontally, and start cutting following the other line.

When you reach the center part of the tile again following the second line, you should get a nicely cut tile piece. Finally, switch off the wet saw and wait until the blade stops rotating.

Final words

I believe this article will help you learn how to cut tile with a wet saw. Now, it’s your turn to get a wet saw and practice cutting tile following the steps discussed here. Remember, never try any complicated task until you properly learn the basic straight cuts.