How to Use a Mini Circular Saw

Do you have any idea how risky a circular saw could be? It could destroy your hands if you misuse the ripper. Yes, they are dangerous, indeed! And, why shouldn’t a 120 mph revolving cutter with ruthless kickback be so ferocious! So, you need to learn to use them correctly.

Generally, most of the saw available on the market are right tilt, but you will find the blade on the motor’s left side in a mini circular saw. Moreover, being a left tilt and portable circular saw, it will be able to reach places where larger saw can’t.

If you are really interested in sawing at home, you must know how to use a mini circular saw, the model’s design features, and safety measures to avoid potential accidents.

How to use a mini circular saw: A simple procedure

The mini circular saw is a compact circular saw for woodcutting. It runs on batteries and is durable;  you can use it indoors or outdoors, won’t have to worry about the long wires and electrical stuff.

Before discussing its using process, let’s talk about some necessary steps and precautions you should take before using a mini circular cutter.

1. Know the Power tool first!

You can find numerous brands and styles on the market for a mini circular saw, but they will all possess the same essential design characteristics. It’s a single handgrip tool, and there is a trigger on its body for controlling the blade movement.

A pivoting scale is attached to the body for blade adjustment, and it helps with the angular cuts. A mini circular saw blade is usually in the size range of five to six inches  (almost 17 mm).  You can cut one to two inches deep with this blade.

2.  Measure twice, cut once” – The Magical spell

This rule of thumb will ensure preciseness in cutting. So, let’s execute the plan. Take the marker, pencil, pen, and ruler. Now you can create your desired outline and sawing the material.

Drawing lines and putting measurements will help you operate the blade efficiently. So, draw bold and thick lines. Remember, always “measure twice, cut once.” your work should be flawless. You can use mini circular saws for straight and angular cuts.

3. Setting the blade and angular cuts

Setting your blade is quite tricky, but it will ensure a satisfactory result. Always try to keep your blade 0.6 cm under the material surface.

Don’t set the blade too deep, and it will give you a hard time while working, and the blade teeth might get exposed; if the edge gets in contact with your skin, It will be quite life-threatening.

There is a small knob on the saw that will help you adjust the machine for angular cuts. Keeping the blade at 90 degrees will give you a 27 mm deep cut, and keeping the blade at 45 degrees will provide you with a 17mm cut. Setting the saw’s blade properly guarantees clean and smooth cuts.

4. Pull the trigger, activate the blade

To activate the mini circular saw, you will have to press the trigger gently. The trigger is placed at a safe distance from the blade. Keep a firm grip and place the edge of the blade on the material you want to cut.

Keeping the blade 0.6 cm below the material surface, press the trigger, and give it a slow push; the blade guard will automatically pull up, letting the blade do its work. That’s it, your machine is activated, and it will be cutting the material smoothly.

After the cut is done, keep your hand off the trigger and always be careful with the trigger.

There is an on-off switch and a safety lock switch. Keep the safety lock on while it’s unused.

Safety precautions

You should always follow the safety precautions while working. At least wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves and safety goggles. Your eyes and hands are the most vulnerable areas, and it should be well protected.  So, you should use earmuffs to protect your eardrum.

Moreover, it will be wise to wear musk to avoid inhaling the sawdust. Also, if you have long hair, tie them down and choose a comfortable body-fitting attire.

In addition to that, always use a sawhorse to support the material you are working with. It will help you avoid damaging the material and the blade. You can buy a sawhorse at the price of $20 to $40 from the local hardware store.

Final words

The mini circular saw is portable, power-efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, the tool is the best choice for small household tasks. Keep in mind that a mini circular saw will provide you with less cutting depth. So, you can choose the mini circular saw that is lightweight with high maneuverability and available at a reasonable price for household tasks.

If you are new to woodworking who don’t have any experience and knowledge about how to use a mini circular saw, it will be wise to try the saw under the supervision of an experienced craftsman. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!