Magnetic Wristbands are A Very Useful Tool Accessory

If you are a handyman or a DIY fixer of things, you need a lot of tools. Carrying tools in a toolbox is the best way to go. But when you are busy working on a wall while standing on a stair, stepping down to grab some nails or other different drill bits can be so frustrating. To save your time and concentration from dwindling in such moments, you need an accessory that holds these tools close and somewhere accessible. Magnetic wristbands are the perfect accessory you can trust in all situations. 

A magnetic wristband like the name suggests is a wristband lined with magnetic along the strip. It allows you to carry nails, small drill bits and other items with the power of a magnet. Thus, it helps you save a lot of time and focus and helps you stay organized. While you need a tool box as one of the storage items in your garage, you also need a durable magnetic wristband that keeps all tools together while you are busy at work.

Buying considerations

Here are some features you must consider before choosing a magnetic wristband:

  • Dimensions: do not assume the size of a wristband. You need it to be a comfortable size that does not restrict the movement of your arm and wrist. The band must not be small or tight on your wrist.
  • Color: The second thing you should take into consideration is color. While it’s best to choose a universal color, don’t be afraid to pick out unique colors when given a choice. For example, you might find magnetic wristbands in blue and orange colors.
  • Weight: you need to choose the lightest option available in wrist bands. When the cuff is lightweight, you can perform your task without getting weighed down by all your tools. Ideally, you should choose a breathable mesh material and something that is guaranteed lightweight. 
  • Durability: the last thing you want from the cuff is for it to fall down during usage. Ensure that the Velcro or fastening strap is sturdy enough to support the weight of your tools. Experts suggest going with the highest-grade material that is weather resistant and does not fall apart in few uses.
  • Make of magnet: this is a very important consideration as magnets are the building blocks of any wristband. The stronger a magnet, the better will be the performance of your band. Make sure there are enough magnets in the strap, and they are lined well along the band. 
  • Easy use: the wristband should stay in position when you are working. If the band slips or keeps coming off, the product will be of no use to you. Choose a band which is either elastic or stays put in its place no matter how much movement you make. 

A Word on Construction and Magnets


Most magnetic wristbands are made with a universal size in mind. However, some can be customized and adjusted according to your wrist size. You can also tie a band around your arm in some wristband models. Magnetic wrist bands are mostly constructed with:

  • High quality nylon and fast action Velcro
  • Leather fastening strap mixed with a synthetic fabric
  • Ballistic polyester of the 168D grade

Most bands have a breathable mesh inner layer that saves your tools and arm from getting covered in sweat. 


The power of a magnetic wristband lies in the power of its magnets. There are plenty of wristbands in the market, ranging from low to high price based on the number and quality of magnets. An average wristband has 8-10 magnets in the strap of high power. 

Best Men Magnetic Wristbands to Buy

Where to Buy
Cranach Magnetic Wristband
Bastex Magnetic Wristband
On it Magnetic Wristband
Wizsla Magnetic Wristband
GOOACC GRC-61 1 Pack Wristband

Cranach Magnetic Wristband

Cranach’s magnetic wristband is made of 15 grade strong magnets. You can rest assured that the gadget will not come off with these powerful magnets. The entire wristband is powerful enough to hold heavy tools in its circumference. Be it home usage or usage in the field, you can rely on this handy magnetic band for carrying heavy items. There are two unique pockets in this band for holding non-magnetic items around. This way, you can stay more organized and be more productive during work. It is the perfect gift for dads who love to DIY stuff around the house, as they won’t have to bend over to pick up nails back and forth. This wristband is easy to use, durable and practically proven for multiple situations. 

Bastex Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband can also be tied on the arm and used for a variety of tasks. There are strong magnetic embedded in the entire band. Double-layered ballistic nylon material makes the band more lightweight and easier to wear. Bastex wristband is equally efficient in woodworking, DIY projects and to wear while working on your computer. The company offers 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month replacement warranty. 

On it Magnetic Wristband

Your mini tools, drill bits, screws, nails and gadgets can stay neatly lined with this strong magnetic wristband. On its magnetic wristband is a universal size band that fits any size of wrist. It is very firm in construction and will not fall off due to weight. Moreover, high-duty polyester makes the band more lightweight and durable. A breathable inner layer of the band does not let sweat accumulate on the wrist.  

Wizsla Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband has everything a handyman or a DIYer could wish for. It features 10 strong disc magnets (housed inside the band’s fabric) that have great attraction and holding capability. According to the maker, the band can hold 68 2-inch nails, 144 0.5-inch nails, 50 big screws and 100 normal ones. In terms of comfort, the band comes with a Velcro strap that provides a stable grip around the wrist. Wizsla’s wristbands support various wrist sizes and are comfortable to wear courtesy of the internal soft mesh that keeps irritation at bay. 

GOOACC GRC-61 1 Pack Wristband

If you’re looking for a wristband with superior holding power, you’re unlikely to be disappointed by GOOACC GRC-61. Featuring 15 magnets, this particular band comes with a wide surface area because of the so many small tools scattered around it. It’s also made with ballistic polyester that offers great protection against water. The wristband can cover various types of wrists between 4 and 14.-5 inches. A Velcro strap of the highest quality is also present on the band, ensuring you can carry out your day-to-day tasks while wearing the wristband like it’s a part of your attire.


That’s it. You’ve just sifted through the best ways to buy a men magnetic wristband. Also, the recommendations we’ve made in this list are all elegant and good quality bracelets that people should consider investing in. Not only do they make the wrist look beautiful, but they also deliver a lot of value in terms of the tools they feature. The next time you need to hang a wall clock or carry out another small DIY project, a magnetic wristband might be the only thing you need to get the job done.