Should I Buy Budget or Premium from Coilovers Kits Shops?

In the world of aftermarket suspension, there is one question that perhaps gets asked the most and there’s a good reason why. It relates to whether you’re better off buying premium or budget coilovers from coilovers kits shops. Is it better to invest in a kit that costs $500 or one that’s priced in the $3,000 region?

That’s what we’ll be talking about here today and by reading to the bottom of the page, you’ll gain a better understanding of what the differences are between the cheapest kits and those that leave a large hole in your finances. So, without further hyperbole, let’s begin.

The Coilovers Kits Shops Basic Coilover Option

When you invest at the cheaper end of the range found in most coilovers kits shops, you’ll see that less expensive kits often necessitate the use of donor parts from your car. This cuts down on machining costs and in turn, makes the price lower. You’ll also see that they won’t provide you with ride height, rebound or bump adjustment features.

Cheaper coilover kits are also usually made of steel, which means that they’re more prone to rust and they’re typically much heavier, due to the materials that are used in their manufacturing.

The Premium Option at Coilovers Kits Shops

Conversely, when you opt for coilover kits from the premium end of the scale, you’ll find that they’re typically made from lighter materials like anodised aluminium, which is not only lighter but much more resistant to corrosion. As well as being more suitable for track use due to their decreased weight, they’re likely to last much longer and be much less prone to seizing up.

Premium coilovers bought from coilovers kits shops will also offer ride, bump and rebound adjustment features. All of the extra components that are required to offer these additional functions need extra, better quality materials and machining, which is ultimately why you pay more for them.

The Best Option Depends on Your Reason for Buying Them

The decision of whether you buy either expensive or cheap coilovers from coilovers kits shops will depend on what you intend to use them for. If you’re just looking to lower your ride for aesthetic purposes, then you won’t really miss the lack of adjustment ability. However, if you want improved handling, performance and adjustability, you’re better off investing more. It is often that simple.

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Thanks for reading our blog. While it was brief and to the point, we hope that it has shown that if you want to get more out of your coilovers than just looks, you’re better off spending more.