Should I Replace My Fan Motor or My Entire Piece of Equipment?

These days, people have gotten use to disposable technology, various devices in the home, office and other workspaces that once cost a fortune now being quite cheap enough to throw out and replace when they malfunction. Prime examples of this include things like televisions, VCRs and various appliances. Once upon a time, when these malfunction, you had them worked on by a repair man, they were far too expensive and involved as an investment to simply discard and replace unless you were inordinately wealthy.

This type of mindset has continued on in industrial spaces, people being quick to throw out entire arrays of equipment simply because fan motors or other modular components have failed. This is folly in this case, as every single penny you can save in your work environment without cutting corners should be absolutely saved, especially in these uncertain economic times.

The truth is, in the case of fan motors and the like, replacing them isn’t really that difficult for someone with a little bit of electrical and mechanical experience. They are basically modular, simply needing to be disengaged from their blades, their housing and their power source, very simple tasks for someone who understands simple mechanics and electrical systems like this. Almost certainly, your experience maintenance staff will have no problem doing this, even if it is a little bit of a task getting to where the fan is on certain pieces of equipment. All of this technology is designed to be repaired, it isn’t ill with disposability and planned obsolescence in mind like residential equipment. At least, if you choose wisely with your equipment and manufacturer of said equipment, planned obsolescence is in the thing!

Simply searching online for a fasco condenser fan motor or ebm papst condenser fan motor will show just how affordable these very popular and respected brands are. Searching online can save you a lot of money as well, as going to a conventional industrial parts store or ordering them from the manufacturer will cost you a small fortune in and of itself. With these certified resellers online, shelf space and various brick-and-mortar overhead concerns don’t exist. This allows for rapid shipping, far cheaper prices and a much greater variety, and variety is very important when it comes to components like this. Isn’t just about having your choice of brands.

On top of brand choices, you need various types of motors for various applications, and you also need various types of motors within these applications for different equipment with different specifications. They can be overwhelming, but sites like HVAC Online can guide you to finding the exact component you need to get your equipment back online, it can provide documentation and any other information you need as well. Not sure exactly what you need? Your maintenance crew isn’t sure either? Helpful staff on sites like this will be eager to talk to you and help you deduce exactly what you need if the guides aren’t getting you there.

Don’t throw your equipment out, don’t order it from the manufacturer. Save a ton of money on a ebm papst condenser fan motor or fasco condenser fan motor by ordering them online and having your maintenance people install it!