Smartbot Submersible Water Pump Review

Not all neighborhoods, towns, and cities are established in flat land, as there will be some houses that are located in higher lands, while there will be a few that are situated in lower lands. Those households located in lower land points would often experience numerous problems, and one of those problems is the constant flooding whenever it is raining or if there is a rainstorm.

Luckily, to combat the constant flooding in households, there is one particular machine that was invented to remove water from basements, yards, and other areas of the house or property that is usually flooded. This machine is called the water pump, and as its name already suggests, it pumps the water out from one place to another. So, if your basement is flooded, you can transfer the water from the said room to your backyard easily by using a submersible utility pump, also known as a water pump.

Now, there are thousands of different brands and models of water pumps for people to pick from, but there are only quite a few that are considered the best when it comes to features, quality, and durability. One of those few great water pumps that you can buy today is the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump, which has plenty of features that make it stand out among the rest. To help you know more about this product, here is a review of the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump.

What is Smartbot?

SmartBot is an intelligent water pump manufacturer that makes people’s life easier and better through offering reliable and competent water removal products that are made with constant technological innovations. Smartbot started with one product and then released and announced more items for people to choose from, and these machines would have different features and advantages.

Features of the Smartbot Water Pump

Smartbot LED lights

Because Smartbot is a relatively new company, there are only two models in their lineup that are available for purchase as of early 2022, the Robust 2800 and the Super 3600. For this review, we will focus on the Smartbot Robust 2800, which Amazon and other online shops would often market it simply as the “Smartbot Submersible Water Pump.”


Smartbot knocked over

The Smartbot Robust 2800 features 1/2 HP (horsepower), which is a sufficient amount of power that will allow you to drain or pump out water 1.4x faster than other pumps available in the market.

Pumping Capabilities

Smartbot in green

Despite being quite small compared to other pumps, The Smartbot Submersible Water Pump is capable of pumping 2800 gallons of water per hour, which is quite impressive since most pumps can only pump half of what the Smartbot is able to pump.

Auto-Flo Technology

Smartbot adaptors

The Smartbot Robust 2800 has the US-patented Auto-Flo system, which allows the machine to turn on automatically whenever it detects at least two inches of water in the basement, pool, or in any area where it is placed. In addition, when the water level is down, the system will automatically turn off the machine for dry run protection. The dry run protection feature prevents the machine from continuing to operate even when there is no more water left, and this operation could cause damages to the machine if it is not halted by the Auto-Flo system.

Quality and Durability

a man carrying a Smartbot to use on a backyard

What’s great about the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump is that it is incredibly durable and reliable, as it can work even when it is knocked over by objects floating on the water or by the water itself. So, you don’t need to constantly monitor its position whenever you are pumping out water, as it will still function perfectly if it is toppled.

Moreover, you will also be informed by the Smartbot if it has any problems with its performance, which is made possible by the LED lights that look like the machine’s eyes. When it is in normal mode, the Smartbot’s lights glow green, but when there is a blockage in its mouth, it will stop operating immediately, and its lights will glow red.

The Smartbot water pump is also made from professional engineering plastics, which provide durability for the machine since they are primarily reinforced thermoplastic that has high strength and can withstand wear and tear for many years.


The Smartbot Robust 2800 comes with six adaptors that can be changed depending on how fast you want the water to be pumped out. In emergencies where you need to pump out water as quickly as possible, you should use the 2-inch adapter that needs a water pipe of the same size so that you can achieve a max of 2800 GPH of pumping water. To know more about the adaptors, here is a list of the pumping speeds for each adaptor. Keep in mind that the pumping time mentioned below is for 500 gallons of water.

  • 2 inches – 10 minutes
  • 5 inches – 13 minutes
  • 25 inches – 15 minutes
  • 1 inch – 18 minutes
  • .75 inches – 25 minutes

Besides different adaptors, the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump is also quite versatile when it comes to the types of water that it can pump. The Smartbot Robust 2800 is capable of pumping out not only clear water but also river water, lake water, spring water, and rainwater, although you will need to be wary of blockage caused by rocks and other objects so that the machine would continue to operate efficiently.

Should You Buy the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump?

As evident in its features, you can consider the Smartbot Submersible Water Pump to be much more modern and high-tech compared to most water pumps in the market, as it has certain features that make it convenient and easy to use.

If you are already used to the old-school water pumps, then you should just get a new one that has the same features as those. However, if you want to have an easier and faster time pumping out water from your basement, backyard, or any other area in your home or property that often gets flooded, then you should get the Smartbot Robust 2800.