Types of Nuts and Washers

picture of nuts and washers.

Nuts are small metal hardware that is threaded internally to hold on to bolts and screws. They are used to connect two applications and act as mating bolts. Washers are slid onto the fasteners to promote security and absorb the vibrations off. They equally distribute the weight all over the surface, spacing … Read more

Choosing the Right Kind of Screws for Your Needs

A handful of screws

Screws are fasteners that hold an object in place and allow you to quickly join two parts of any object by either twisting them or joining them together. Screws, unlike nails, can be easily removed and reused. The majority are made of steel, brass, or aluminum, although specialized screws made of plastic … Read more

Choosing the Right Nuts for a DIY Job

assortment of nuts

Fasteners are used to create a temporary connection between two things and join them together. In other words, you can remove it, and the different pieces should fall apart without any damage. A welded joint, for example, wouldn’t be joined in the same sense as it would be with nuts. The only … Read more

How to Use and Store Your Fasteners


If your work requires the use of nails and fasteners, then one of the things to consider is how to store them properly so you can find them easily later on. However, this factor gets overlooked a lot. If you like being handy around your house and have a collection of screws, … Read more