The Top Rated Deck Stains On The Market

Summer is coming and with it the best time of the year to spend it outside! If you are like many of us that have been cooped up inside the entire winter, you are probably itching to get out there and feel the sunshine on your skin!

And we would not blame you! Is there anything more relaxing and joyful than having your morning cup of coffee in the sun? Maybe inviting your friends and family over for a barbeque? Or perhaps just a relaxing drink after work with one of your neighbors?

Whatever your summer outdoor activity is, there is one place where it almost exclusively happens – the deck of your house! That is right! It turns out that your porch can be used for many socializing purposes instead of just keeping a pile of shoes by the door and numerous plants in their pots. Click this link for more information:

But, after the heavy winter and the strength of the elements, it might be a bit rough around the edges. The rain, hail, and snow can do a number on your wood, and come summer; it may not look as good as it once did. In that case, it could be time for some renovation.

There are many repairs that your porch could require. Depending on how long you have lived in your house, you have probably already encountered things such as popped-out nails, loose porch stairs, damaged posts, and more. But one of the most frequently needed repairs is renewing your deck stain.

Now, this might sound pretty negative. After all, who would want to stain anything they own, right? Well, luckily, that is not what staining means. Applying a deck stain is just painting a fresh coat of a special kind of paint to your deck’s wooden slats. It is one of the easier jobs when it comes to porch repairs and one that you can probably do on your own without much help from a professional.

If you are already rolling your sleeves up and gearing up to get started on this job, hold on! In this article, we will tell you about some of the biggest things to consider when choosing a deck stain. Trust us; you will thank us later. Read more about it here.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly
First of all, you need to decide on the type of deck stain you will go for. Older structures from a couple of decades ago used to use oil-based porch stains. Still, in recent years they have become increasingly unpopular because of their harmful influence on the environment. Today, many manufacturers modify their formulas to fit the changed volatile organic compounds laws, making them less effective.

The other option is to opt for a water-based deck stain. They will protect the environment from pollution, and some studies say that they even outlast traditionally used oil-based stains. When it comes to choosing, it is a no-brainer!

Secondly, getting the right color is a vital part of staining your porch. You do not want to pick something that clashes with the paint of your house’s outer walls and the furniture you have. Moreover, if you add a layer over existing paint on your deck, it would be a good idea to keep that color consistent.

Once you have made your pick of the type and the color of the best deck stain, it is time to choose the level of transparency. Namely, there are various color intensities you can choose from, starting from clear-stain and semi-transparent stain, which tend to leave the actual grain of the wood of the porch visible. You also have the semi-solid stain and solid stains, which have high amounts of pigment and give an opaque finish to the wood. They also provide the best protection against UV rays and degradation.

When you have decided on all of these characteristics, you need to consider the amount of product you will need. Depending on your deck’s size, you might need more or less of it to achieve the coverage of the area you have. As an approximate estimate, one package usually covers around 100 square feet per coat.

Lastly, if you consider the price an essential dealbreaker in making your choice of a deck stain, you still have diverse options on the market. Nevertheless, the cheaper you go, the less quality you will get for your money. But that does not mean that you should pay the highest price you find out there!

Indeed, some expensive brands will try to trick you by giving you a warranty for 3-5 years of the results. This could not be further from reality! No deck stain will last that long, and those companies want to increase their sales by giving you a false sense of security.