Uses for the Wall Chaser

A wall chaser is a powerful tool specially designed for making grooves and channels into walls so that electrical wiring can be installed. They are operated by hand and are similar in design to angle grinders used in continuous motions running against the wall to cut on the surfaces.

The hand-operated unit includes hard, abrasive discs or masonry blades that are useful in making cuts in the wall. The electrical wiring and piping are installed after the erection of the barriers. That is why a wall chaser is an essential tool in installing the piping and wiring system.

Most of the machines have drive heads that allow you to use either one or two discs simultaneously as the dual blades will enable you to cut larger channels into the wall in a single try, which are mainly usedin the case of water pipes and conduits. We need to be careful, though, while using the cutters, as they are very sharp and can easily cut us if exposed to the blades.

Applications of a Wall Chaser

Applications of a Wall Chaser

  • Masonry Cutting

Masonry cutting generates dust in large quantities that can be harmful to your health if inhaled. Hence, you should use a dust extraction system with a wall chaser. Dust extraction units can be directly connected to the wall chasers, which canwork as a vacuum that sucks up the masonry dust as soon as it is generated by the cutting blade of the wall chaser.

  • Wall Cutting

If you want to install new windows, doors, or any other interior requirements, this requires cutting walls made of concrete or brick, which can be achieved using wall chasers. In short, they have become important tools in the construction and building industry.

  • Concrete Cutting

The Wall Chaser also helps in cutting into concrete. If you are renovating your house and require some new conduits, then concrete cutting is going to be a part of it.

  • Core Drilling

The Wall chaser also helps in core drilling to create large holes into the substance or wall when installing the plumbing lines for the house or any building. Hence it can also help in drilling the core for the plumbing system to be placed.

  • Providing a Nice Finish

The Wall Chaser also helps you in giving an excellent finishing. You can neatly fit cables, tubes, or pipes with the help of a wall chaser. Moreover, using staples or nails, you can anchor everything firmly in the groove. You can make everything stay in place by lubricating the whole wall with, for example, a filter, a lick of paint, or a strip of wallpaper over it for giving an elegant finish.

  • Milling Process

The Wall Chaser also helps in the milling process. Itremoves materials within the machine or directly from the cutter. The width and depth of the substance or pipe play an essential part in the milling process as it makes quite a difference whether you want to get rid of a vast water pipe or a thin electric wire.

Where to Buy
Makita 4100KB 5" Dry Masonry Saw, with Dust Extraction
Monstech Wall Grove Machine Slotting Machine Electric Wall Chaser Notcher Groover Slotting Machine 110V?Grooving Machine?
TOPNCES 4000W Multifunction Wall Groove Cutting Machine Wall Chaser Machine for Brick & Granite Marble 220V (Wall Slot Slotting Machine)
JIAN YA NA 220V Wall Slotting Machine Electric Wall Chaser Groove Cutting Machine
PROMOTOR Wall Groove Cutting Machine 220V 40MM Electric Wall Chaser 4000W Wall Slotting machine
XtremepowerUS 3000W Wall Chaser Cutting Machine Wall Brick Granite Marble Concrete Water Line w/Infrared Sighting (Slotting Machine) w/Case
Wall Line Cutter Wire Slotting Marble Concrete Cutting Machine - Dustproof And Infrared Sighting - AC 110V
Evolution DISCCUT1 12" Disc Cutter, Orange & Conntek 30129 15A to 15/20A Plug Adapter
5pcs Groover Blade for 5200W Multifunction Wall Groove Cutting Machine Wall Chaser Machine

Our Top Picks for Wall Chasers

Makita Dry Masonry Saw with Dust Extraction

Makita 4100KB is a dry masonry saw with dust extraction. It features a 13 amp motor that delivers about 12,200 RPM. It can cut up to a depth of 1-9/16” at 90 degrees with dust extraction of up to 1-3/8” at 360 degrees. It operates on 120 volts of electricity.

Monstech Wall Grooving Machine

This one by Monstech is a high power wall cutter that works efficiently with the infrared laser technology, allowing more accurate cutting for grooving work. It has a handle that can be rotated 180ᵒ. You can turn it left or right and open the front cover to cut a 90ᵒ wall. This wall chaser machine also has power protection that protects the power supply from leakage.

On top of everything, the product is backed by a 2-year warranty.

TOPNCES 4000W Multifunction Wall Chaser

TOPNCES 4000W is another great wall chaser available on the market. Its one-time molding features a fast, automatic grooving tank, suitable for quick and clean cutting of the various kinds of walls, bricks, and cement, without needing any additional tools.

You can control the groove cutting depth as desired, and set the center at an angle of 90ᵒ to handle it ergonomically. This wall chaser also ensures the safety of the users by electric leakage protector.

JIAN YA NA Electric Wall Chaser

JIAN YA NA electric wall chaser is a 4500W high power machine with a magnesium alloy head. It faces down when cutting the vertical groove to prevent the motor from entering the water and causing burnout or leakage.

It is 360ᵒ slotted without dead ends and is suitable for quick and clean cutting of walls. You can also set its groove depth according to your choice.

PROMOTOR Wall Cutting Machine

This one by PROMOTOR is a 220v wall chaser that is slotted without dead ends. It has a lightweight design of magnesium alloy headshell that makes it easier to use. It has a cutting depth of 35mm along with safe and ergonomically optimum handling.

XtremepowersUS 3000W Wall Chaser

XtremepowerUS 3000W is a multi-function wall chaser that can adapt to different wall materials, such as red brick, sand brick, water brick, and cement cover wall. It is ideal for electricians, plumbers, and other contractors.

This machine is easy and straightforward to use with the built-in vacuum pump port and water pump that work simultaneously to reduce the dust during work. It also has a wall slotting machine that is equipped with infrared rays and rollers when working.

TABLEAU Wall Line Cutter

This wall line cutter is a fast performing machine with adjustable width and depth. It is equipped with infrared rays and rollers, which it uses to stabilize the propulsion while aiming with infrared rays to make the lines straighter. This wall chaser is multi-purpose as it can cut concrete, marble, granite, etc.

Evolution DISCCUT1 Disc Cutter

Evolution DISCCUT1 is a robust and versatile electric disc cutter that quickly cuts concrete, even rigid reinforced concrete, stone, brick, paving, and other materials. It is equipped with a 1800W high-torque electric motor. It also has ergonomic soft-grip handles that help in accurate cutting in both horizontal and vertical modes.

YUCHENGTECH 5pcs Groover Blades

These 5pcs of grooverblades are suitable for quick and clean cutting of walls made of different materials. They have a thickness of 2.4-2.5mm with an installinghole diameter of 22.2m and a width of 15mm. You can set the groove cutting depth according to your choice.

Although some wall cutters come with blades, you can purchase them separately if your old ones are that sharp or in good condition.

Wall Chaser – A Powerful Construction Tool

A wall chaser is a handy and important tool for construction and renovation that has made cutting easier and faster. It has provided alternative solutions for cutting into walls, floors,concrete surfaces and has helped in laying the foundations of plumbing and wiring much more efficientlyin a newly constructed building or house.