What are the advantages of an inverter generator?

If you’re looking into generators for your off-grid energy system, and you’ve seen that there’s a distinct difference between your inverter type and the conventional type generator. Now, the inverter generator comes at a significant price increase. The salespeople on the brochures will tell you that they also come with many advantages and that it’s worth spending extra money on it.

So the question is, are they just fancy sales talk, and what are the advantages of an inverter generator.

This article aims to provide you with an overview of the facts regarding inverter vs. Conventional generator technology and make sure that you have the relevant information to make the best decision.

The advantages of an inverter generator

This section will talk about the weight, electrical output & efficiency of the inverter generator. In a general sense, it’s a comparison between the conventional generator vs. inverter generator. An inverter generator holds a bunch of advantages over a traditional generator. If you want to know about the best inverter generator for home backup in the market check this website.

It’s lightweight

The inverter’s basic layout is somewhat similar to the conventional type, but instead of having a separate engine and a separate electrical generator, it’s combined into one unit. So the overall weight has drastically reduced. Therefore, it becomes easy to carry and occupies less space.

Stable electrical output

The AC power being produced and breaks down to DC power then through an inverter builds it up to AC power again. Therefore, your output is very controlled and very stable. As a result, your electrical appliance won’t be harmed by the inverter generator.

Noise controlled

You can easily imagine the scenario where a conventional generator is creating humungous sound. You could say it sound pollution! Here, perfect sinus waveform frequency output voltage, high-quality electricity, and because of this, the inverter generator can run at lower speeds, therefore, being less noisy. Impressive, isn’t it?

Fuel efficient

you run it at lower speeds at lower loads, and the fuel efficiency will be somewhat similar to the fuel efficiency when running it at higher loads. So now the results of all of this are that an inverter generator can run at lower engine speeds while still providing high-quality power.

Combinable system

This is a spectacular feature that takes the inverter generators to the next level. Yes, now, most of the inverter generator offer this innovative pairing technology. That means you can combine two same sized inverter generators to produce more power.

This amazing facility will come in handy in situations when you need more power can’t use a big one due to some unavoidable hindrance.

Fuel option for inverter generator

Let’s briefly look at the different kinds of fuels that you could consider. So, there are three different options. Basically, you’ve got diesel, you can use petrol, gas, gasoline, and the third one is LPG: bottled Gas or Propane.

Diesel’s energy density is slightly higher than that of petrol, and diesel engines burn fuel more efficiently. You can typically expect a 20 to 30 percent reduction in the price that you pay per unit of electricity produced. The diesel engines require higher upfront Investments. They are heavier and noisier, but their service life is just really amazing if you compare it to gasoline engines.

The propane’s energy density is significantly lower than that of gas, and often when you look in the details, you actually will pay more for your propane. If you’re using the conventional bottle exchange services, you end up being twice as much per unit of electricity produced when you compare using propane versus conventional gas or petrol. Propane burns a lot cleaner than liquid fuels, but liquid fuels are higher energy densities or less storage space.


Definitely, inverter generators will give you a significant advantage over conventional generators. An inverter generator can produce high-quality electrical output, and it’s lightweight as well as fuel-efficient.

If you’re using an inverter generator, try to keep the eco throttle mode turned on; otherwise, you’ve basically reduced its functionality & lost all the advantages that come with an inverted type of generator.

I hope I have successfully explained about what are the advantages of an inverter generator to you. Now, it’s up to you whether you buy it or not.