What Causes Repeated Sewer Issues and How Can Experts Help?

Sewer problems can be a considerable inconvenience. Not only are they smelly and disgusting, but they can also cause extensive damage to your home if not fixed quickly.

Most people assume that if they have a sewer problem, it must be the city’s fault. However, more often than not, the root of the problem is with your home’s plumbing. So, if you have issues with the sewer or drainage system, it is important to call an experienced plumber Gaithersburg MD, to examine and rectify it.

Several things can cause repeated sewer issues. Here are some common reasons for sewer issues.

Clogs In the Main Sewer Line

If your sewer line is blocked because of a significant build-up of grease, tree roots, or other items, it can cause wastewater to back up into your home. It is essential to call a plumber. They will be able to clean out your sewer line.

Cracks In the Main Sewer Line

If your home has a cracked or damaged sewer line, wastewater can seep into places it’s not supposed to go. It can cause wastewater backups and sewage from your neighbors’ homes to seep into your yard. It is also possible that this issue could result in groundwater contamination.

A professional can help you determine if you have a cracked sewer line and recommend the best course of action to fix it.

Clogged Or Broken Pipes Inside Your Home

If your home’s plumbing is not working correctly, it can cause wastewater backups. It could be due to clogged pipes, broken pipes, or even a faulty sewage disposal system.

The best way to prevent repeated sewer issues is to have a plumber fix your home’s main sewer line and interior plumbing. They will ensure that your sewer lines work correctly and clear out any existing damage.

Improperly Functioning Septic System

If your home has a septic system, it is essential to have it inspected and pumped regularly. A malfunctioning septic system can cause wastewater backups and sewage spills.

An expert plumber in Gaithersburg, MD, will diagnose the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently. They will also help you take the necessary steps to prevent future sewer problems.

A Damaged or Missing Clean Out Cap

If your home has a clean-out cap, this cap must be in good condition and working correctly. If the cap is missing, cracked, or damaged in any way, wastewater will be able to back up into places it shouldn’t go.

It happens when your main sewer line becomes clogged with debris. Leak repairs cost around $100 in Gaithersburg, MD.

If you are experiencing repeated sewer issues, it may be a good idea to have a plumber inspect your home’s drainage system thoroughly. They will be able to identify the source of the problem and recommend the next steps.

Tree Roots

It is common for tree roots to grow in sewer lines, which can block the path of wastewater and cause it to back up into your home. Tree roots are also responsible for cracks in sewer lines. It is best to call a plumber to inspect your sewer line if you spot any root intrusion.

Fat, Oil, and Grease

If you are not careful, fat, oil, and grease can build up in your drains and cause sewer problems. It is a common problem in restaurants and other businesses that use a lot of cooking oils. It is essential to have your drains cleaned regularly to prevent this from happening.