How to Use Endoscopic Cameras in your Professional and DIY Projects


Times have changed and there are multiple gadgets that one can use professionally and for his/her DIY projects. These gadgets are not only helpful but they are efficient as well. One of those great gadgets is an endoscopic camera. An endoscopic camera is basically a little camera along with a long cable which can be used to view tiny areas on a big screen. Previously, this endoscopic camera was used only for medical purposes but now they are widely used for many other purposes as well. It allows you to see in places you can’t directly see with your own eyes. Now, there versions of endoscopic cameras which can be used for any professional and DIY projects at home. Most of these endoscopic cameras are compatible with Android/IOS smartphones and you can connect the cable with your smartphone to view any hard to reach spaces directly on your phone screen. This can be very useful for all kinds of projects especially home renovation projects, troubleshooting leaks, and other issues.

Guide to Use endoscopic cameras in Your Professional and DIY Projects

Since these modern gadgets look highly technical, people think that using them is going to be somewhat complicated. But this is not the case. Operating them is extremely simple. When you buy an Android/IOS endoscopic camera, you also get an instruction manual with the package and the apps are fairly intuitive. There are options and features you should consider as well when shopping.  These cameras can have different megapixels and different cable lengths. They can be waterproof and have the ability to connect with Wi-Fi. Their camera diameter and the resolution can differ from one another. You should consider what your use will be for the camera. You can put one in the drain to see the leak or inside an Xbox to view the inside and many other similar DIY projects. You will be able to quickly see real-time what the camera sees on your smartphone. You can also use this endoscopic camera professionally if you are in maintenance business or any business which involves figuring out the faults where your eyes can’t reach.

Top 5 Endoscopic Cameras with Pros and Cons

Considering the need for an endoscopic How to Use Endoscopic Cameras in your Professional and DIY Projects camera, it won’t hurt to keep your options open until you have done research on the various models. For the right endoscopic camera, there are a few things that need to be considered before buying them.

  • Camera Resolution: One of the most important things to consider while deciding to buy an endoscopic camera is checking the camera resolution. The camera resolution enables you to see the details in a clear and more visible manner. So there should be a better resolution on the cam because all your work of analysis depends on it. The endoscopic camera with better resolution may cost you more but it will be worth it.
  • Cable Length: The second thing is the length of the cable. Endoscopic cameras have different lengths but you can choose the one which is suitable for the needs of your projects. The water pipe maintenance or car maintenance requires more length than usual DIY projects.
  • Wireless Capability: Wireless endoscopic cameras are latest and they are getting trendy with the passage of time because of their multipurpose usage. They are expensive than the regular wire endoscopic cameras and can be connected to multiple devices at once. If you think you need an endoscopic camera that is not limited to the length of its wire, then go for a wireless one.
  • Battery Power: Most of these devices come with their own compatible batteries. Check out the camera’s battery power. If the device has the capacity to work longer, it will definitely be a plus point.
  • Light: if you are planning to buy an endoscope do go deep down then you will certainly need a light on the device to view everything clearly. Most cameras have 6 LED light system, and it is recommended that you select the product with light to get to see everything easily even in the dark.

Here is the list of top 5 best-selling endoscopic cameras of 2018. Go through their details and pick the right one for yourself. Let’s have a look:

Where to Buy
Depstech Wireless Endoscope
Gruper Wireless Endoscope
BlueFire 7mm 5M Android OTG Endoscope Tube
YELIN WiFi Endoscope
Potensic WiFi Endoscope Camera

1. Depstech Wireless Endoscope

Depstech Wireless Endoscope has been on top of the best sellers of Amazon. It is a high-end product and contains a lot of features. It has a powerful sensor camera which allows it to connect with Android smartphones, tablets, PC and IOS above 6.0 devices. This endoscope is Wi-Fi enabled and it can work properly if you install WIFI View app in your smartphone or Android device. On top of the camera, there are 6 advanced Blue LED technology lights that can be adjusted according to your need. These lights help the camera to shoot HD pictures and recordings in close range.

The Depstech wireless endoscope comes with a 2-megapixel camera, but there are multiple options for resolution while taking photos. A premium camera chip is also installed in the device that allows capturing smooth videos and photos on 30FPS. The 11.5 feet bendable cable allows you to work at ease. The whole device is waterproof so one can use it in wet or damp places without any hesitation. The price of this product is clearly compatible with its unique second-generation technology.

  • Easy to use
  • Illuminate the places where there is a difficulty to see properly.
  • Shoots clear video
  • Connect different phones at a time
  • Setting it up is extremely easy
  • Waterproof cable


  • The cable is too flexible, need a little stiffness.
  • Some users said that the camera works fine but the android app keeps crashing during the work.
  • Short battery life

2. Gruper Wireless Endoscope

Gruper Wireless Endoscope is Wi-Fi enables which provides better access than any traditional endoscope. It can easily be connected and the signal never drops. The snake endoscopic camera of this device is fully compatible with Android (above 4.2), iOS (above 7.0), MAC, and Windows devices. All you have to do is install the ImageKit App from Google Play or App Store and it will have the best compatibility. It has the standard 2 megapixels 1200P HD camera and IP68 waterproof technology. It has 3 resolution formats that can provide you great quality photos in JPG format and videos in AVI format. It comes with 8 adjustable LED light on the tip of the camera which can brighten up every confined space. For better quality pictures, it is advised to keep the distance of more than 1 inch. This endoscope has 11ft semi-hard cable that can bend to an adjustable shape while working in different types of areas. It is rechargeable and durable. The battery gives about 90 minutes of power to the camera on a single charge. Multipurpose accessories that are also included in the package such as a mirror, pick-up tool, magnet, and a hook come with a 6-month warranty.

  • Price is reasonable.
  • Top-level IP68 waterproof
  • Equipped with a strong Wi-Fi chip
  • Comes with different accessories
  • Comes with 8 adjustable LED light


  • Mirror attachment is not that good, but you can try the straight view.
  • Users face connection issue when it is not fully charged.

3. BlueFire 7mm 5M Android OTG Endoscope Tube

BlueFire Android Endoscope is an economical and practical device that is perfectly suitable for your professional work and DIY projects. To use it with Wi-Fi connectivity you must download “CameraFi” app from Google Play Store. It is compatible with the OTG and UVC devices of Samsung like Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, Edge, and Note 3, 4, 5 and iOS but not with the latest devices with android version 7.0 and above. It comes with 6 adjustable lights on the tip of the camera with a high-resolution CMOS sensor that can shoot in 640×480 at 30 frames per second. The camera is IP67 waterproof and has a diameter of 7mm. The 10M cable length is pretty convenient for those who want to use it to examine really deep places.

  • Affordable price
  • Built-in 6 LED light with brightness control
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Long 10M cable


  • Light adjustment dial/brightness control is not good enough to function properly.
  • Not enough resolution to clearly see everything

4. YELIN WiFi Endoscope

The newest edition among the high-end endoscopes is YELIN Wi-Fi Endoscope. This product is compatible with every device whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, or MAC. It has a built-in Wi-Fi spot. The camera has 1200P HD microscope that can capture high-resolution photos and real-time videos. Only the camera and the cable is IP68 waterproof, and the Wi-Fi adapter is not, so make sure you avoid it from getting in contact with the water. It is equipped with a 5M semi-rigid cable. This one is widely used to find small things in bedrooms, gardens etc. Other accessories include a rechargeable built-in battery pack, adapter, magnet, hook, charge cable, and a mirror.

  • The product is awesome for its use.
  • Picture quality is great.


  • The camera is always shaking which makes it hard to focus.
  • The software does not work with new iOS phones.

5. Potensic WiFi Endoscope Camera

This new Potensic Wi-Fi endoscopic camera is one of the bests in the market right now. It is highly compatible with iPhone (above IOS 8.0) and Android (above Android 4.4). This one works totally wireless and you won’t need any cable or wire to connect with your Wi-Fi. All you need to do is install the app “WIFI VIEW” to control the device. It comes with a 16.4ft semi-rigid bendable cable wire and a waterproof camera with 6 adjustable LED lights. The camera has up to 1600×1200 resolution option that makes it able to capture clear and visible photos/videos even at a close range.

  • Good quality, reasonable price, and overall great.
  • The adjustable lights are pretty cool to use.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Battery life is average.
  • The technical support from the manufacturer is not so helpful.

Final Verdict

After reviewing the top five best seller endoscopic cameras, it is clear that every one of them is highly compatible with the Android devices. Some of them are also compatible with iOS, Windows, MAC etc. Although for better connectivity, each one of them has a particular app which can be downloaded easily from the Google Play or App Store. If you want an endoscopic camera at an affordable price then go for BlueFire 7mm 5M Android OTG Endoscope Tube it is not just budget-friendly but also great in performance. If you want a high-quality endoscope that is able to provide top-notch results then you can try out Gruper Wireless Endoscope that is compatible with both Android and IOS. All of them have high definition results for photos and videos which is basically very important. All of them come with a semi-hard bendable cable wire which can be shaped within confined spaces. The waterproof camera allows its users to use it even at wet places dry places as well. An endoscope camera is definitely one of the great tools to add to the toolkit because of its multiple benefits and usage.

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