Checking Out DeWalt Tools

a DeWalt power tool

When it comes to all things related to tools, one of the brands that have been a powerhouse in the industry is DeWalt. It is a company started by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1923. The brand is known for power tools that have top-notch quality, epic durability, and are easy to use. … Read more

Using Mini Torches with Safety in Mind

flame from a mini torch

One of the essential tools to have in a workshop is a mini torch. Mini torches are also referred to as butane torches. They come in handy in a lot of ways, in addition to using them to light a fire. Mini torches are commonly used for culinary purposes, such as cocktail … Read more

The Best Way to Organize Nuts and Bolts in a Shop

three pairs of nuts and bolts

When working on a project, it is quite annoying when you always have to look for parts like nuts and bolts. It is really frustrating to sift through cabinets and drawers in the shop and not find what you are looking for. With this, it is essential to organize nuts and bolts … Read more

Is LED or Incandescent Better for Night Work?

person fixing the light on the ceiling

If you want some peace and quiet when working on your hobbies or projects at home, one of the best options is to work at night. When all the people in your home are asleep, you will be able to focus more on the project or task that you are working on, … Read more

Is Laser Cutting Harmful For Your Health?

4000 watt CO2 laser cutter

Laser cutters are powerful manufacturing tools that are mostly used in fabrication industries. However, the advancement of technology has allowed such machines to make their way inside homes as well. While these machines complete jobs that used to take weeks back in the day, they also have a dark side especially related … Read more

Safety Tips for Woodworking Projects

Woodworking hand tools

Woodworking projects tend to be exciting but dangerous at the same time. There are a lot of sharp tools and equipment involved that can hurt not only you but also others working alongside. This is why safety is a primary concern whether you are a novice woodworker or a seasoned professional. Being … Read more

Safety Precautions to Follow When Using a Laser Engraver

A laser engraver 

Laser engraving machines and tools have become quite popular over the past couple of years. This means that such machines are gradually making their way inside homes as well. Hobbyists who love to work on fabrication projects use laser engravers regardless of being a beginner or professional.  However, the fact of the … Read more

Why Should We Use Polyurethane Glue?

Nitrocellulose adhesive dispensed from a tube

There are many different kinds of adhesives out there that differ based on chemical properties. One of these adhesives is polyurethane glue. It was first discovered by a German chemist Dr. Otto Bayer in 1937. These glues are termed the cousins of epoxies and have been around since the 1950s. As compared … Read more

Tips to Design for Laser Cutting

Industrial laser cutting of steel with cutting instructions programmed through the CNC interface

Laser cutting machines are designed and engineered to fabricate designs with speed and precision at a low cost. These machines use a flat material sheet of metal, glass, and other materials to create unique projects.  Back in the day, users were not able to create 3D objects with their designs. However, things … Read more