Why dryer vent health is important?

Can you burn your house down because of the malfunctioning dryer? Of course. There are lots of cases when people didn’t take proper care of their dryers and it resulted in horrific accidents all across the state. It’s pretty preventable if you know what signs you should look for and take care of your dry vent regularly. Almost every day your dryer deals with different fiber particles, dust, and dirt. All those nasty things are usually getting into the removable filter, but it still can’t deal with everything, especially if the filter is already dirty. This means that all the dirt particles are getting into the duct and ventilation. If the particles are piling up there it increases the chances of the system overheating and, as result, a fire. This is only the first reason why you should get vents cleaning services.

Besides the fire hazard, you should also understand that if you don’t take care of your dryer properly, it will eventually require more energy reducing its lifetime more quickly. Did you ever put your food in the microwave and got a hot plate but still a cold meal? It’s almost as annoying, only the microwave most likely won’t set your home on fire later. The dryer will just give your clothes back wet while being extremely hot on the outside, slowly spoiling your clothes and making them look old and overworn. So, while thinking about whether to check your dryer once in a while or not you will probably lose:

  • your wardrobe;
  • a dryer;
  • a house.

Is it worth it? We don’t think so. So if you notice some signs like:

  • dyer is overheated on the outside;
  • a smell that something is burning;
  • an excessive amount of moisture in the room where the dryer is located – a feeling like you’re stepping into the spa or noticing any mold on the wall and ceiling;
  • not completely dry or just entirely wet clothes after you put them out of the dryer.

It’s time to think about dry vent cleaning.

How to clean your dryer vent?

You can actually do this on your own, but if you have never done a dryer cleaning before and it will be done improperly you can make everything even more disastrous. There are lots of articles online about how you can clean your dryer step by step, but what if you miss something? Only a professional will know exactly what to do. That’s why a lot of people use dryer vent cleaning services. Usually, you’re supposed to clean your dry vent once a year, but it depends on how much work it does per day, climate, living conditions, and dryer model. It’ll be great to receive a recommendation on how to keep your dryer in good condition from a professional first.

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