5 Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Power Tools in Your Garage

The best way to keep your power tools working is putting them in the right place. Avoid these mistakes when storing power tools in your garage.

Whether you’re a carpentry enthusiast or simply a homeowner who needs to make repairs now and then, you likely have a collection of tools in your garage. And while you can purchase a hammer or handsaw quite inexpensively, power tools are much more costly.

In order to protect your investment, it’s important that you’re taking the proper steps when storing power tools. Being careless with your tools can result in premature wear and breakage.

To learn everything you need to know about storing your tools correctly, keep reading!

1. Storing Tools with Poor Organization

well-organized garage is essential to both lengthening the lifespan of your tools and finding anything you need without any hassle.

It’s a good idea to label all of your cabinets and shelves, and use pegboards to hang items you find yourself reaching for most often.

2. Not Using Metal Protector Spray

To protect your tools from rust and decay, you should always spray the metal parts of your tools with a metal lubricant. If you’ve never heard of such a spray, don’t worry! It can be found at any hardware store.

3. Storing Dirty or Wet Tools

Never store your tools when they’re wet or dirty. Any moisture and debris left on them can cause rust, which will eat away at the metal on your tools.

Keep your tools in good condition by wiping them down, ensuring they’re dry, and using your metal protector spray before putting them away.

4. Keeping Damaged Tools

Because of their high price tag, it’s understandable that you would want to hang on to your tools as long as possible.

But by holding onto damaged tools, you’re wasting precious storage space! Maintain your beautifully organized garage by discarding tools when they’re no longer usable.

5. Not Using Proper Storage Spaces

When organizing your garage, take the time to consider where all of your items would best fit.

Use cabinets and shelves whenever possible, as storing your tools on or near the floor can expose them to moisture. Also, think about weight and size when choosing homes for your tools.

For example, consider placing larger or heavier items in lower cabinets so they’re easier to access. Trying to pull a miter saw or Goal Zero Yeti 1400 down from a high shelf is not only dangerous for you but dropping this equipment will likely result in damage.

Use These Tips for Storing Power Tools to Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

Storing power tools properly is an essential part of maintaining your equipment.

At the end of the day, your power tools are an investment—one that pays for itself in repair costs and handmade furniture alone, not to mention the enjoyment you get from building or repairing something yourself!

By keeping your garage organized and your equipment well taken care of, you’ll find that your power tools will last much longer than they would otherwise.

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