Why Technology is a Useful Tool on Construction Sites

It is safe to say that a construction site is full of power tools. However, these days, the most powerful ones may be the tools that don’t make any noise. That is because technology has changed the way sites are managed and it has also turned them into safer place. Here is why technology needs to keep finding its way onto all construction sites of the future.

Managing Construction Sites from Afar

If there is one technology that has made it easier for construction managers to do their work, it has to be the use of a construction time lapse camera, on site. They are positioned at a central point where they can catch all that happens daily. They need to be installed before the work starts. It captures images at a regular interval, which can then be seen as a time lapse video by the managers of the site, as they are sitting in their office. It gives them a precise indication on how the work is going. This way, they can adapt rapidly if the schedule is off, or they can change plans whenever the results are not satisfying.

This capacity of making decisions, while away from the construction site, is an incredible advantage for construction companies. This way, they can actually ask their managers to follow different projects at the same time, since they don’t have to be on site anymore, to do their job. Also, it offers them the possibility to show how the growth of the project is coming along to their customers, who can also have access to the information, in their own home or office. They simply need to install the software and to be provided with a username and password to access the data.

Innovation in Workwear Technology

Did you know that a hardhat can actually serve as protection to a worker, by letting him know of the dangers in his way? That is indeed possible thanks to the technology of connected objects. On sites, sensors are being placed and connected all together. They communicate with the hardhat, and if the worker gets too close to danger, it will send him a signal, to be careful.

Workwear can also monitor workers health, while on site. It dispatches their heart and breathing rate, as well as their skin temperature through a software, so that managers, who are not on site, can be advised immediately, if one of the workers was to suffer from an accident, a stroke or from another health issue. Thanks to a GPS positioned inside their work clothes or accessories, workers can be located easily on the site, if they need help urgently.

Finally, workwear technology can also save lives by detecting fumes and other poisonous elements that could be filling the air, on construction sites. It analyzes the quality of the air, as the worker goes about doing his work and sends out the quality of the air to head office. If toxins were to be found, or some kind of gas, an alert would sound, and workers would be evacuated immediately.