5 Things To Check While Choosing Acoustic Panels

You live in a city area where you wake up every morning not by the alarm clock, but by the noise coming outside from your house, like a sound of car horn etc. or you have a studio in your house and the noise coming from other room ruins your music and concentration. 

Now you can get rid of unnecessary sound coming from one room to other or outside from your house. Thanks to acoustic panels. These panels are specially designed to control the echoes and sound coming from one room to other. I would say installing acoustic panels in your studio room would give your music the new life.

If your room or house has a strong echo, you might show lack interest in the talk, because all your concentration will be on the repeating sound and vibration. Acoustic panels reduce these echoes and unnecessary sound. They are actually made up of foam. The thicker the panel, the more sound will get absorbed. 

Let’s get the knowledge of acoustic panel before choosing the right one according your needs.

Consider Panel Thickness:

Panels usually come in different shapes and sizes with different type of thickness. So thickness and shapes should be your priority before choosing the acoustic panels. Panels have thickness of one, two or four inches. 

Obviously the thicker the panel is the more sound it will absorb. So four inches panel would be the best in most noisy room.

Consider The Panel Shapes:

Four inches acoustic panel is the thickest, but it doesn’t mean that you should always buy 4 inches thickness panel. The shapes of panel are as important as the thickness. Acoustic panels are not mostly of flat surfaces. They are designed with raised features, like the shape of eggs and pyramids. 

So if you consider buying the sculpture panel, 2 inches thickness would be enough. Don’t worry Benefit of both 2 and 4 will be same.

Noise Reduction Co Efficient (NRC)

NRC is actually an average rating that how much sound can acoustic panel absorbs. NRC of 0 means that panel absorbs no sound. While the NRC of 1 means that panel absorbs enough sound to less the noise pollution. The more the NRC rates, the more sound acoustic panel will absorbs.

Consider The Panel Size:

The size and quantity of panel is as important as the thickness and NRC rating. In a large room, you will need more panels to install as compared to the small room. 

Consider Your Needs:

Now you know the size, rating, thickness, and shapes are all that an acoustic panel should have. But how you will consider the best size, shape and thickness according to NRC rating you will need? In a large room you will need more panels if the room is most noisy. But if the room is less noisy then you can use fewer panels according to the needs.

So pay attention in size, thickness and shapes with NRC rating before buying an acoustic panel.