Is Laser Cutting Harmful For Your Health?

4000 watt CO2 laser cutter

Laser cutters are powerful manufacturing tools that are mostly used in fabrication industries. However, the advancement of technology has allowed such machines to make their way inside homes as well. While these machines complete jobs that used to take weeks back in the day, they also have a dark side especially related … Read more

Safety Precautions to Follow When Using a Laser Engraver

A laser engraver 

Laser engraving machines and tools have become quite popular over the past couple of years. This means that such machines are gradually making their way inside homes as well. Hobbyists who love to work on fabrication projects use laser engravers regardless of being a beginner or professional.  However, the fact of the … Read more

Types of Nuts and Washers

picture of nuts and washers.

Nuts are small metal hardware that is threaded internally to hold on to bolts and screws. They are used to connect two applications and act as mating bolts. Washers are slid onto the fasteners to promote security and absorb the vibrations off. They equally distribute the weight all over the surface, spacing … Read more

A Guide to Screws and Screw Heads

variety of screws

Screws are small machines, but their importance is much more considerable than their size. Screws are a crucial part of the world of mechanics and manufacturing. These compact devices help to lift heavy objects, fasten objects together, and create holes for hanging up whatever you desire. There are many types of screws … Read more

Mixing concrete mortar using a construction mixer

Mixing concrete mortar using a construction mixer

In all masonry work, mortar is one of the essential and most common materials. The type will vary depending on the activity to be carried out. It is used to cover walls, tile walls, etc … It is of great resistance, it also has a great cohesion force, adherence to the support, … Read more

Different Grits of Sandpaper for Different Uses

Sheets of sandpaper with different grit sizes

If you ever had the experience of working with the wood or seen a carpenter doing its work, then you must know about sandpaper. It is mostly used after cutting the wood to sand all the edges and remove material from the surfaces. Sandpaper is used before applying a finish and between … Read more

Uses for the Wall Chaser

a wall chaser

A wall chaser is a powerful tool specially designed for making grooves and channels into walls so that electrical wiring can be installed. They are operated by hand and are similar in design to angle grinders used in continuous motions running against the wall to cut on the surfaces. The hand-operated unit … Read more

Standby Generators and Custom Generators for Sale and Rent

How does a standby generator help me

Every household should own a backup power generator. You will have peace of mind when you know that if the power goes out, you have an ace in your sleeve, a back generator. It will assure you that none of your appliances will go off, and you won’t have to worry about … Read more

Guide To Plasma Cutters

The AmicoPower Inverter Plasma Cutter

All of us who work in, or have a hobby of, craftmanship of any kind like to be equipped with the best tools possible. Sure, skill and experience play a major part in how your work turns out and how fast you’re able to complete it, but there is always a level … Read more

Guide to Spot Welders

spot welders

Working on metal projects requires special tools to fuse the two pieces. In this case, you may need a spot welder for the job. Spot welding is a pretty old way of fusing two metal parts, but it is still an effective and successful method depending on the project. Getting to know … Read more