Uses for the Wall Chaser

a wall chaser

A wall chaser is a powerful tool specially designed for making grooves and channels into walls so that electrical wiring can be installed. They are operated by hand and are similar in design to angle grinders used in continuous motions running against the wall to cut on the surfaces. The hand-operated unit includes hard, abrasive … Read more

Guide To Plasma Cutters

The AmicoPower Inverter Plasma Cutter

All of us who work in, or have a hobby of, craftmanship of any kind like to be equipped with the best tools possible. Sure, skill and experience play a major part in how your work turns out and how fast you’re able to complete it, but there is always a level cap that can … Read more

Guide to Spot Welders

spot welders

Working on metal projects requires special tools to fuse the two pieces. In this case, you may need a spot welder for the job. Spot welding is a pretty old way of fusing two metal parts, but it is still an effective and successful method depending on the project. Getting to know spot welding and … Read more

Top Cordless Power Screwdrivers

Top Cordless Power Screwdrivers

Introduction Cordless power screwdrivers might be the answer if you are looking for more versatility than a drill and less wrist pain associated with manual screwdrivers. Cordless screwdrivers work well for a variety of jobs, including cupboard work, flat-pack construction and other tasks that require you to work in tight spaces. Although many professionals argue … Read more

10 Best 18v Cordless Drill Reviews

18v Cordless Drills In all the power tools out there the drill or driver has got a special place because of its effectiveness, efficiency, and compact design. In initial age of drills, they used to be wired and that caused some real problems because in that manner the use of the drill was totally dependent … Read more

Drill Bits: A Complete Buying Guide

BLACK DECKER 15557 10 Piece Drill Bit Set

There is a vast and diverse variety of drill bits available in the market when it comes to drilling holes. Getting the right one according to the task you are doing can be confusing because of so many choices available. To make sure that you get your hands on the right drill bit, we have … Read more