The 15 tools you need to open a scooter workshop

To set up a scooter shop, you don’t really need a lot of tools, but you do need to have a set of basic tools and a few other special bike/scooter tools. Here we are going to show you the 15 scooter tools with which you can defend yourself and start your jobs and projects.

We will order them from the most basic, to the most used special ones so that you can have a better vision of what you need. We do not put all of them because it would be a very extensive list, but with these that are listed, you can do a good amount of work. But before you start, be sure to check out the assortment of scooters and descriptions on Go2scooter, it will help you.

What tools do I need to set up my scooter workshop?

The scooter as a vehicle has the tedious condition that it needs special tools, depending on the brand. For many cases, there are standardized tools, but for others not. Therefore, you can start by buying the tools guided by this list, and then as you progress in your workshop, you will be able to acquire the specials that you need the most, and from the brand that most ask for the service. Remember that when you open a scooter shop, you might also attract customers who own bicycles, especially e-bikes so better equip yourself with quality tools.

1. Workbench

A workbench is essential for a bicycle/scooter workshop. It should be part of the workspace since it is the most comfortable place to do most of the work, you can have your tools secured and organized, and above all, you can have your spare parts and tools that you use the most at hand.

2. Sets of fixed and combination wrenches

Fixed and combination wrench sets should not be lacking in any workshop. And the more activities you do, you should have several types of them.

Fixed and/or combination wrenches are tools used to manipulate hex-type bolts and nuts. This type of screw is the most common in mechanics and therefore, these tools are the most used.

What is important is that you must arm yourself with quality tools. You should look for recognized brands, with robust, well-designed parts. These tools will be more expensive, but they are worth the investment.

3. Allen key sets

Allen keys are also widely used in a bicycle/scooter workshop because many manufacturers use this type of screw in their products. These screws differ from conventional ones by their internal hexagonal shape in the head. And to manipulate them you need Allen keys. You can buy these keys separately or by sets.

4. Sets of Torx keys

Torx keys are widely used in bike and scooter workshops, as this type of screw is widely used in this industry. Manufacturers use these screws in their products to ensure safety and neat service.

Torx keys are very similar to Allen keys, with the condition of their star point. You can generally get them in kits of different sizes.

5. Screwdriver sets

Like pliers, screwdrivers are a basic hand tool. And they will not be left over, the more you have, the better. In a bicycle workshop, different types are used, there are Flat, Phillips, Torx, and Allen.

Ideally, you should have a small set of each type of screwdriver that is of good quality and complements your toolbox.

6. Set of socket wrenches

Socket wrenches, like combination wrenches, are widely used in mechanical workshops and that is why they are among the top 10. There is a misconception that the more pieces the glass sets have, the better. But an experienced mechanic knows otherwise.

A good set of socket wrenches should be of very good quality, made of chrome vanadium steel, and heat-treated so that it does not warp. It must have the commercial measures, extensions, tip adapters, and the ratchet must have an ergonomic and anti-slip handle. Some come with a set of Allen bits to complement, which makes them very practical.

7. Universal Pliers set

Pliers will be part of your day-to-day, and what better option than to buy them per set so that you can use them depending on the type of work. You know what we mean. They will touch jobs where you need long nose pliers or diagonal pliers. That is why it is recommended to buy a kit of four or five different pliers to save yourself some money.

The pliers must be made of good material, that they look robust, strong, ergonomic handle, anti-slip, and thermal and electrical protection. Although in an electrical workshop you will not have problems with the handling of electricity, it does not hurt a little security.

8. Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench or spanner is widely used more for its versatility than anything else. We do not recommend its use in excess, and more when you can use a combination wrench. However, for some activities, if it is necessary, it is preferable to have it.

A misplaced adjustable wrench can damage the nut dial, and on a bicycle this is fatal. However, there are cases where it is necessary to use it as support, you just have to keep in mind that you should adjust it as best as possible to the extent you need.

9. Nylon or Rubber Mallet

A hammer or nylon mallet will be necessary when removing a piece and you do not want to damage it in the process. With this hammer, you can hit without deforming, which is very important in all the work you do on a bike.

10. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is very important in a bike/scooter workshop since with it you ensure that the tightening torque we use is correct. The parts of a bike are generally delicate, and overstepping the torque can damage them.

11. Bicycle stand

The bicycle stand will make your work easier by being able to do the different activities in a more comfortable and ergonomic way. You can adjust the working height, and be able to have easier access to the part of the bike that you need to intervene.

Ideally, you should have two or three available in the shop. But to get started buy one, it will be worth it

12. Chain cutter

A robust, good-quality chain cutter is essential in a bike workshop. In this tool, money can’t hurt. You must choose the best of the best if you do not want to have problems later. And the best is worth money.

It is preferable to choose an expensive chain breaker that will serve you for many tasks and last a long time, to a cheap one that breaks or bends in the first activity.

13. Chain Link Wrench

This tool works in tandem with the cutting machine. There are even brands that sell them together. It is also known as a link plier because of its plier-like shape. It is very important that you have a pair of these keys.

14. Bicycle Tires Lever

Another cheap but very important tool is the tire lever. With this lever, you can remove the tire from the wheel without damaging the casing or the wheel channel. It is very simple and practical, and it will be very useful in the workshop.

15. Multitester

A multi-tester is very important, especially today that more electric scooters and bicycles are running on the streets than mechanical rides. All of these runs on electricity and if you don’t have one, you can’t finish your job.

The above list is not complete but the very important tools to start if you plan to open a scooter and bike repair shop.